Brutal BMW R9T

Hardcore, brutal, sleek and minimalist are just a few words that come to mind when first laying eyes on the latest R9T creation from Cytech motorcycles. When they were approached by Sergio to replicate a picture he had of a “Rough Craft” Bavarian fist fighter R9T Donovan agreed to use it as inspiration for the build in their own as well as the clients unique style and build a one off dream machine for Sergio.

Listening to his clients ideas, Donovan Muller of Cytech started this build with a set of PVM wheels out of Germany wrapped in Michelin Power Cup rubber. These were blacked out and then some polished billet accents were done.

The sub frame was completely removed to open up the back end of the bike, exposing that sexy rear wheel.

A once off custom brace to hold the solo custom bobber seat was then designed and manufactured in house. A really tiny LED indicator/tail light/stop light combo was added into the mix further enhancing the brutally minimalist design on the rear of the bike. The swingarm and final drive were blacked out and a billet turned spindle was fitted into the gaping hole that is the axle on a BMW R9T.

Moving forward, CNC billet plugs were added to the frame to neaten everything up. The air intakes onto the throttle bodies were replaced with custom built trumpets.

Then to beef up and bulk out the muscular and brutal appearance of the engine, Roland Sands billet tappet covers were fitted. Bolted onto the front of the pots and sweeping under and up the rear of the R9T is a once off custom designed trumpet exhaust by Van De Linde Exhaust Developments in Kya sands. Cytech does like to support local businesses.

LighTech rear sets finish off the middle section.

Ryan Nortje of Custom Creations in Roodepoort, another local business, was called upon to do a custom carbon wrap on the fuel tank and a Monza pop-up fuel cap was added. To finish off the tank, BMW M-Sport 50th anniversary badges, were surreptitiously acquired to add that ‘something special’ to finish off the tank and really make it “POP”.

A billeted top yolk and Motogadget universal digital speedo cluster from Le Motographe in France were next on the list. Then a custom stacked headlight with Max Inc CNC billet headlight holders tidied up the front.

Subtle, yet extremely bright bar end indicators help to keep the front end tidy. The forks and top and bottom yolks were all blacked out.

This all achieved the brutal, minimalistic look the client was looking for.

This bike is one intimidating looking beast but she is a head turner, while doing the photoshoot we drew a crowd and even had a couple of vehicles stop and the occupants get out and gawp lustily at it.

Hit the ‘happy’ button and those, essentially straight through, pipes bark into life and snarl menacingly at the world… they are loud and you do jump little bit when it fires up and growls through its rev range. That 1200cc mill is crisp and revs freely, get the bike on the road and she happily burbles along at suburban speeds.

Crank on the throttle a bit and she gets a proper move on. Being a customer’s bike and tipping the scales at more money than we are likely to see in a month of Sundays we didn’t take any chances.

Suffice to say, it is a beast on the road and runs like a dream.

Cytech also specialise in kitting out most adventure bikes for the long road. Donovan was the youngest person ever to ride a bike from Cape Town to Cairo and back again and they have done numerous adventure tours since.

Their first tour way back when was on modified road going BMW’s, adventure bikes weren’t even a thing back then.

Give them a call on 011 433 8850 or drop them a mail on or visit them at 61 Port road, Robertsham, Johannesburg.

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