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Darryn Binder on the mend

Last weekends Grand Prix of the Americas was going quite well for Moto 2’s Darryn Binder as he looked strong enough to secure himself a place directly into Q2 during the three Moto2 practice sessions. 

That was until Saturday morning’s Practice # three on a damp COTA circuit when the 25-year-old was launched out of the seat coming out of turn one and he was slammed into the tar.

Luckily, Binder managed to walk away, although he seemed to be in some pain.

It was later confirmed that he had broken is metacarpal and ring finger in his right hand.

He was operated on by Dr Mir in Barcelona, the same Dr Mir that performed surgeries on various illustrious sports stars, MotoGP riders and brother Brad Binder included, where a plate and five screws secured the metacarpal while a single screw repaired the ring finger.
According to reports, he is now recovering back at his European home in Andorra with a cooling device designed to aid haematoma regression and is hoping to begin physiotherapy on Friday.

It is unclear when he will be able to return to racing, with Jerez taking place next weekend. Marc Marquez similarly broke a metacarpal at the first round in Portimao and was not able to return to racing in Austin three weeks later.
We will await further confirmation of this.

Darryn Binder Husqvarna Moto2_Round 2 MotoGP 2023 – Polarity Photo

Darryn Binder:
“I feel good after the surgery. Dr Mir confirmed to me that the surgery went without complications. Only my hand is very swollen. To relieve the swelling, I was given a special ice machine, which I am also allowed to take home. If everything goes according to plan, I can start physical therapy on Friday. I will be able to leave the hospital on Wednesday morning and then go to Andorra. During the operation, it turned out that one bone each in the middle and ring finger was broken. The fracture in the ring finger was fixed with one screw, while in the middle finger, a plate was inserted, which was fixed with four or five screws. I have to be patient for a while before I can start physio, and also wait to see how the healing process goes. Hopefully, we can try to be there in Jerez. From my side, I will do everything I can to be able to ride the weekend after next. But we’ll have to wait and see how it looks then. So far, however, everything is fine, and that’s very reassuring to know. Ultimately, though, everything depends on the swelling, the feeling and a few other factors – fingers crossed!”

Darryn Binder – Polarity Photo

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