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Having moved to a digital world we tend to lose some of our most cherished photos in the vast world of cloud data. While riding with one of our good friends we were told about an app that prevents this while you are on your 10 day tour or even a day out with your mates. The app is called Foto First, yes the same Foto First that prints all your wedding pictures and family photos, whether on canvas or traditional prints.

Here is the skinny. Before you leave on your trip you download the app and create an album. While you are on your trip you take those special pictures of you and your family or even your bike in a beautiful scenic setting. You can add as many pictures as you like.

Before heading home, go through your album and select the images you would like to have printed in a traditional photo format or a huge canvas for the pub or your home.

Once you have made your selection proceed to check out.
Here’s the cool part.

If you would like to collect your images on the way home you can do so. Select, collect and choose your closest Foto First store. Arrive pay and off you go.

If you would like delivery, fill in the details and Bob’s your uncle. This all happens while you are riding.

We tried it out and it was good fun. We ended up selecting way too many pictures. From traditional photo prints to a canvas. Sizes were selected and then, so were the types of print. We paid and collected a few hours later.
Say what you want but printed photos really are a conversation starter.

The app is available on both Apple and Android Phones.

Google Play Store – Get it on Google Play
Apple – Download on the Apple App Store

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