GIVI B45+ TOP BOX - RRP R3,965.00 INCL.

GIVI B45+ TOP BOX – RRP R3,965.00 INCL.

Gone are the days of chucking everything you need for a trip in a backpack, or strapping a couple of tog bags onto your bike, risking it all coming undone and your techno coloured Y-fronts with personalised skid marks ending up on some aunties windshield. And why should you have to, GIVI makes a range of great luggage that is quick and simple to mount and even easier to use, and it all looks good as well. Hardware is generally bike specific but the mounting plates and luggage are mostly universal. This week we had a gander at the B45+, 45lt. MONOLOCK Top box equipped with an elastic cargo net, backrest and a soft touch inner mat, with the universal mounting plate included.

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GIVI B45+ TOP BOX - RRP R3,965.00 INCL.

The B45+ MONOLOCK case in rigid plastic is the perfect size for use in urban environments, but also adapts well to journeys over medium distances thanks to its capacity to fit up to two full-face helmets, a great feature so you don’t have to lug your lid with you everywhere and somewhere safe to put your shopping. Its design is square in shape, with two aesthetic inserts on the lid. The B45+ offers an elasticated net for storage as standard, which is attached to the lid by eyelets incorporated into it. Also provided as standard are the soft mat covering the bottom and the passenger backrest. The internal space offers room for the T502B bag, available for purchase as an optional extra.

We reckon the square shape, 45-LTR capacity, lockable, sturdy construction would also make it suitable for the commercial delivery market. And for the current weather we are experiencing, GIVI guarantees a degree of water resistance equivalent to a heavy rain. We are told GIVI cases are tested with a special machine that simulates rain with a flow rate of 20 ltr/min.

What more could you ask for? Good looking, sturdy construction, lockable, easy universal fitment, comfy pillion backrest, Elasticated net for extra storage on the lid and a soft inner mat to protect the more fragile cargo and all for less than R4k…

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