HJC’s i90 Flip up Modular helmet

HJC’s i90 Flip up Modular helmet

In the market for a well priced modular/Flip up helmet from a premium brand? 

HJC’s i90 offers you a polycarbonate shell  in three sizes  which helps to keep the helmet’s size, shape and weight to a minimum.

Flip-up helmets are always heavier than other helmets because they contain all the opening mechanism and need to provide an opening chin piece without compromising the overall structural integrity of the helmet. But they are not unrealistically or uncomfortably heavy, as with everything in life you have to decide whether the compromise on weight for usability works for you.

It is also equipped with an extra-wide internal sun visor, for the bright African sun. The outer visor has an anti-scratch coating and is Pinlock prepared, meaning it already has the mounting points on the inside of the visor, all you have to do is fit the Pinlock lens that is supplied with the helmet. Pinlock is a great system, used almost universally throughout helmet brands to prevent the visor from misting up.

The main chin vent further assists this and is simplicity itself to use while on the move. It very pleasantly directs air up in front of your face, rather than just being a hole to blast cold air at your mouth.

There’s also a sliding ‘crown’ vent and corresponding exhaust which is easy to find and use, letting in a flow of fresh air. The interior of the HJC I90 flip up helmet is fully removable and washable. Made from Supercool interior w/ silver thread which wicks sweat away from the rider’s skin and  eliminates odours with the antibacterial treatment applied to the interior. The helmet features ample ventilation channels connected to the various air intakes and provides the rider with a pleasant helmet climate.

The drop-down inner dark visor, operated by a simple slider on the lower left edge offers comprehensive coverage which doesn’t distort vision or hit you on the nose, and the colour is just a natural tint, not a false colour. For those spectacle wearers, the designed grooves in the lining hold your glasses perfectly, and you can also leave them on as you’re taking off or putting on the helmet. 

An appreciable feature for anybody using a smartphone for music, navigation, or for the busy business person using their bike to commute with or etc is the fact that the HJC i90 is even prepared for a universal Bluetooth communication system. 

For ease of use it has an ECE approved ratcheting chin strap mechanism. To open the front there’s a single red catch which subtly sits out of view when the helmet is closed but falls immediately to the thumb, releasing in the same continuous forward-and-up movement your hand naturally follows to open the chin bar.

To check colour and size availability as well as  your nearest stockist – CLICK HERE

HJC i90 Flip front flip up modular helmet for sale

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