Mag Magic Boksburg

​​Mag Magic Boksburg.

Mag Magic today, is a well-established company specialising in the repairs and refurbishing of Mag Wheels. 

Ummmm, bikes have mag wheels too…

Mag Magic Boksburg
The magical day I got my Honda NC750X, happy times.

Deon’s NC750 fell prey to the Dreaded pothole sickness that pervades Gauteng… so we gave them a shot.

Just before Christmas, My Mrs. and I were unfortunate enough to feel the full force of a pothole. We were riding along just chilling as one of these nasty things jumped right in front of us and there was no way to avoid it. We smacked the hole right in the face. Both my poor Honda’s wheels were damaged, so much so that I thought there was no way for them to be even considered repairable.

Mag Magic Boksburg
Rear wheel
Mag Magic Boksburg
Front wheel
Mag Magic Boksburg
Inside of the front wheel

This was not the case, when I popped into Mag Magic in Boksburg, Byron Rothquel and his team had a good look and assured me that I have no need to stress as they would make them look like new and just as good as they were when they rolled out of the factory. 

Mag Magic Boksburg opened its doors in 1999 and they are still going strong. Not only do they fix mags and rims they have more to offer. Be it bikes or cars they do them all. Refurbishment, customising and widening can be done by the professionals at the shop, adaptors and spacers is also on their list of quality workmanship.

Mag Magic Boksburg
Rear wheel after repairs.
Mag Magic Boksburg
Front wheel after repairs

When my wheels came back they were like new. It’s even possible that they were better than new.

The Mrs. and I even got to take the bike on a 146 km trip to Oranjeville for her birthday last week and that trip included some dirt roads. The wheels are still round and shiny new.

Mag Magic Boksburg
Our trip to Oranjeville, ride more stress less.

They welded em up, X-rayed them to make sure there are no bubbles or Cavitation which leads to weaknesses. (ask us about the wheel that collapsed on a very expensive side by side we were testing once), and spray them to whatever colour you choose.

We were pretty surprised at how affordable it all was.

 Byron comes from a motorcycle racing background and knows what it takes to make sure your bike’s wheels that leave their shop road are track ready.

So, for any repairs or modifications you need, we have to give them two thumbs up.

Mag Magic Boksburg
Byron racing in the ZX10 Cup

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