Off Your Rocker? Get your head sorted!

Camtech Automotive – A Family company that can…. 

Save you a lot of money, save you a lot of time, save you a lot of frustration, no wonder they have been in business so long. 

Gerald Buys at your service.

We recently needed to sort out the rockers and camshaft on one of our marking bikes, and being a bit long in the tooth, the OEM guys did not have stock and could only get the bits in for us in a couple of months. And time is money and the little CRF is still good for a few hundred thousand kilometres.

So, us being the sentimental types when it comes to motorcycles and would rather not see a basically good bike get cannibalized for parts and the rest end up in the scrap metal bin, we started scratching around and found an old Camtech business card and tried calling them. 

Wouldn’t you know it, they are still doing excellent work at pricing that makes sense. At their original family premises at 21 Maddison street, Jeppestown, Johannesburg. They have excellent off street parking and great security.

Need a camshaft sorted...

They do just about anything to do with the top end of any motor, from a lawnmower, to bikes, cars and all the way through to trucks.

Cam grinding and profiling, gas flowing and porting, high performance camshafts and cylinder heads, cam and head repairs and also don’t expect to wait terribly long either. We braced ourselves for a couple of weeks and were called a few days later to collect our finished job – and our wallet wasn’t that much thinner after settling the bill. The workmanship is top quality, bolt in, adjust tappets and the bike purrs along again.

Porting and polishing...
As good as new and ready for delivery.

So, if you need a cylinder head or camshaft sorted on your lawn mower, bike, car or truck, give Gerald Buys (He learned the trade from his dad Peewee) a call on 011 618 1823/5 or 074 106 0260 or you can drop a mail to or visit their website at 

Team of note! Many years of experience.
Specialist tools.

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