Oxford Slim Mens AA Jean Indigo 34 Length – R3,995.00

Reviewed by: Séan Hendley

Séan, at around 2 meters tall, has gotten quite grumpy with all the “Your boots should have a party and invite your pants down,” type comments. So, when he heard about the Oxford extra length riding jeans he shot across to firstly fit and then procure a pair before heading out on the SA Media launch of the new Norden Adventure. Here is what he had to say:

“Well, firstly, not only are the Oxford jeans the perfect length for my 2m chassis, but the fit is superb and extremely comfy due to the fact that the denim material is quite stretchy. I also like the fact that they look like regular casual wear jeans with their traditional 5 pocket design. The only tell-tale sign that they are riding jeans are subtle extra stitching for the hip and knee pads and the extra bulges on the knees from protective padding… and – on a bike, you want that padding in there. I had the opportunity to really test the protective qualities of the jeans with quite a big “off” in the dirt, thumping down rather hard and loudly over a jump and landing on my left hip and knee and the result was…. Well, nothing. Not a bruise, not a bumped knee, not a sore or bruised hip, not even a scrape or friction burn. Lying on the deck next to the bike, I ran a quick systems check to make sure all my appendages were working, which for the most part they were. Then I started feeling for the normal burn of missing skin and that warm trickle of blood on skin, once again…. Nothing, all seemed surprisingly well. On closer inspection once I sat up I was pleased to find that even the Oxford jeans themselves had survived the tumble very well”.

Tailored, standard 5 pocket styling and stretch denim material make for a comfortable ride
Finally!! A pair of riding jeans that actually fit the taller rider

“So, let’s backtrack slightly to the fit and comfort of these jeans. In general, normal casual jeans, which a lot of people do tend to ride in, tend to bunch, restricting blood flow and becoming increasingly uncomfortable as the hours in the saddle wear on. To be honest, I have experienced the same with proper riding pants and jeans I have worn in the past. With the Oxford jeans being stretchy this was not the case and the fact that they were able to stretch over my riding boots and not pull up when I was sat in my normal riding position. And I didn’t overheat while riding in the hot and humid Hazyview area in the last days of summer.” 

“These jeans are jam-packed with technology. fFor Oxford, approved denim material innovation was a priority. It had to be performance denim built specifically for life on two wheels. From new yarn and fiber technologies to new finishes and dying techniques. Oxford’s Armourlite is a highly durable denim that maintains a vintage look and softness. Basically jeans you want to wear. This was achieved by working with skilled weavers and warpers to include a polyamide fiber into the weave, a hard-wearing material originally developed by the military for parachute cords. A two-way stretch was added to enhance mobility and comfort. They also included a quick dry technology which draws sweat and increases water repellency, and this  I can also attest to.  We donnered through big puddles of water and mud and within 10 minutes of riding I was completely dry again.”

Some other key features include AA rated CE approved jeans, slim fit, stretch comfort, flexible level 2 CE knee protectors, flexible level 1 CE hip protectors, (and they really do work well and are easy to fit – but they can only do their job if they are fitted), lightweight, single layer, quick drying, triple needle stitched, fully felled seat, durable twill pocketing, riveted pockets, ultra-secure belt loops, reinforced lined yoke, available in waist sizes 32, 34, 36 & 40. Sure! They cost a bit more than your average jeans, but, just consider the tech in these things.

To find your nearest stockist:  www.dmd.co.za  or merely click on the OXFORD banner below

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