Sunday 19 Feb – SASCS Round 1 VKC

As we pulled into VKC on that Saturday morning, realization set in when we came face to face with a race track half underwater. On Race Day things looked very bleak for round 1. The guys from VKC took control and worked on the track pulling out all the tricks as they pumped, swept and even busted out the old tractor to get the track dry. This all under the watchful eyes of the C.O.C Kevin de Wit and the SASCS team. Eventually, we left the very water-soaked track in disappointment. Early Sunday morning a message came through that ignited the joy of racing. Raceday is a go! We got the thumbs up from the C.O.C after VKC pulled off a miracle to get the track dry and race ready.

Entering the gates on Sunday morning it was hard to believe that this was the same water logged track we saw on Saturday. The feeling of joy overcame all the doubts we had the day before. Once again we get to enjoy more than just racing, the SASCS always brings together friends and family and all sorts of entertainment. LIVE X was there to give all the fans at home live racing to enjoy.

With a late qualifier and just 2 Heats instead of 3 still made for one awesome day. The Clubmans came out to start the day and with a field with bikes of all sorts the excitement started right away. Avoiding a few wet patches on some corners the riders still made good lap times. No.45 KJ Mononyane made it clear early on that the day belonged to him as he rode his way to 1st place. 2nd was no one else but No.21 Arno Erasmus No.97 Raees Daya just managed to take 3rd from No.10 Peron Parasaraman who took 4th and No.96 Sebastiano D’Arrigo in 5th.

The smallest and youngest class came next. Always a great spectacle to how these kids run their bikes to a start, little feet running until the little motor kicks in and takes over. Every corner these kids take, every straight they open up is driving them towards becoming the next big thing. No.550 Marnitz Otten made it all the way to the top of the podium next to No.52 Declan Schoeman on the 2nd step and No.143 Tsebo Mafokate on 3rd.

SM2 riders took their positions and were ready to go, No.13 Ryan van Nieuwkerk made it very clear from early in Heat 1 that he was not going to be stopped as he bulldozed his way to 1st overall. The Wetterman twins came to play making things difficult for the rest of the field. No.25 Ruan Roberts had a different idea as he got in the way of the twins. No.30 Ruben Wetterman fought hard for 2nd with Roberts taking 3rd away from No.31 Luan Wetterman in 4th and No.57 Diego de Ponte in 5th.

The SM Junior 65 and 85cc classes as always were not to be underestimated and came next with an awesome display of future legends. Speed, skills and desire had left a great taste in our mouths watching these youngsters showing off their talents. No.1 Jason van Breda reminded everybody why he wears the No.1 as yet again he got to 1st place. The 65cc 2022 champion No.99 Adam Naidoo rode spectacularly on his new KTM 85cc machine that is to be his weapon for 2023. He took 2nd for the day, 3rd went to No.77 Mueez Jassat and 4th was No.69 Tyler Morgan. No.44 Daniyal Jassat made a statement that he will be a top contender for the 65cc 2023 championship. Jassat took a comfortable 1st place. No.110 Bohale Mafokate with 2nd, No.40 Lorenzo de Ponte in 3rd, No.101 Keaton de Jager 4th and No.711 Tristan Swart in 5th.

The SM Masters and Grand Masters were up next. No.117 David Varinga made sure to take pole position, winning both Heats and taking 1st overall. No.84 Christian Caravello gave No.134 Michael Louw a real tough time as Caravello took 2nd and Louw with 3rd place. No.23 Terrence Chowles in 4th and No.183 Werner Linder 5th. No.17 Tom Marnitz took 1st in the Grand Masters.

With prize money up for grabs in the 150 Cup Juniors and Senior class the competition was fierce. A 13 bike lineup made for great entertainment as the riders battled it out to get their hands on the prize money. No.21 Arno Erasmus was too much not only for the Juniors but even taking 1st over the Seniors. No.22 Cayden Robert who did very well till a crash changed his day still got 2nd and No.57 Diego de Ponte joined the podium in 3rd. No.T69 Tyler Morgan with 4th and No.41 Jason van Breda in 5th. The senior class saw No.93 Taigh Janse van Rensburg on top with 1st, No.13 Thabang Keswa came 2nd and No.58 KJ Manonyane took 3rd. No.69 Henk Schuling with a 4th place and No.40 Louis de Ponte in 5th.

Again some more Juniors took to the track to entertain the fans, the SM Junior 50cc class had an amazing day of racing. The reigning champ No.1 Keaton de Jager, looking strong to take a second championship rode his way to victory and 1st for the day. No.26 Ethan de Freitas fought hard to walk away with 2nd and No.134 Joe Louw 3rd. King Price rider No.22 Blake Robert with 4th and No.11x Luca Bergover 5th.

The finale was lead by the Champ No.33 Aston Nesbitt in the SM1 class with a perfect day taking pole and winning both races making him number 1 overall. No.923 Brandon Heukelman rode superb for his well-deserved 2nd place. no.57 Louis de Ponte 3rd and No.183 Werner Linder taking 4th. SM1, a new class, saw only two riders on the day, for now. No.17 Chris Wright won the first ever SM1 race with no.84 Christian Caravello 2nd.

One can say after a Race Day that was almost lost, to a great “unusual” Sunday race that most definitely created a spark that spread a fire of a great Short Circuit race year to come. Again I just want to say well done to VKC for all their hard work and long hours to give us all a successful SASCS Round 1. To the SASCS crew a huge thanks to you for making the series a joy and a pleasure to be a part of, if you carry on like this the series will never die. Well Done!

Until Round 2, take it easy.

Words & Pics: Dean VDL

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