Spanjaard Hand Cleaner

Spanjaard. Chain Wax. Chain Lube. Air Filter Oil Spray. Brake, Clutch and Chain Cleaner. Synthetic Fork Oil. Fork oil. Carb Cleaner.

Spanjaard’s new Hand Cleaner with D-Limonene.

Spanjaard has a new hand cleaner. We did dirty stuff in the workshop with Diesel oil and grease and then washed up… It works lekker Lekker!

Most stories start with a statement, “We know a guy….” and we have heard it all. But, you know what? We do know a guy and in this case we know a few guys.

Firstly, we know the guys from Spanjaard. We know they make some really cool stuff. Products that make the whole family happy. We can tell you about them all but, there are so many. It is probably easier to just check out their website.

Secondly, there is this other guy we know. A man that has a bike workshop and he is an actual racing team mechanic. Now this guy has a kid called Rogan, a curious little kid that loves Dad’s workshop. Curiosity has made the kid’s hands very dirty and greasy.

Spanjaard has just the solution. Not just for the kid but also for Dad, a hand cleaner with grit and with added cleaning power of D-Limonene.

Rogan tried to spanner a turbo onto his 85cc bike, making his hands very dirty. Mom is due home soon. 

Just like Wonder Woman, Spanjaard’s citrus hand cleaner jumps into action.

The kid was saved by his dad with the help of Spanjaard. His hands were clean and smelling fresh before mom got home and was none the wiser.

Then we know this other guy, an eighteen year old weekend wobbler on his enduro bike who spends a lot of time spannering his own bike and more often than not his much less energetic little brother’s bike and regularly Dad’s bike as well. Also being the young stud that he is he likes to visit with the young ladies, whose Dad’s might appreciate the sign of hard work on his hands….

But said young damsels – not so much.

Rub it in...
Dirty nails.
No Brush...
No more gunk..

Spanjaards Hand Cleaner Citrus is a fresh, citrus fragranced, high quality emulsion hand cleaner with the added cleaning power of D-limonene. It contains detergents, moisturisers and grit to readily remove ingrained dirt and is available in 500g Plastic Tub or a 5kg Plastic Tub.

It works beautifully and will leave your hands smelling all lemony like…

Distributed by Autocycle Centre.

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