Spanjaards Biodegradable Motorcycle Air Filter Cleaner and Motorcycle Air Filter Oil

Keeping your air filter properly clean and oiled is absolutely critical to the longevity of your bikes engine as well as extracting every ounce of performance from said engine. Enter a proudly South African company in Spanjaard. Their products are developed and manufactured in Gauteng South Africa for South African conditions.

Their motorcycle air filter cleaner is a specially formulated biodegradable highly effective degreaser/cleaner for air filter cleaning and is available in 5L bulk and 400ml aerosols. It is water rinsable and easily removes stubborn dirt, oil and grime. Most importantly it does not affect the foam or adhesive of the filter. 

Once your air filter is clean and dry you then need to lube it up properly to catch all the dust particles. Spanjaards air filter oil comes in an aerosol, making it much easier to apply to the filter. It is a tacky formula that prevents the ingress of sand, dust and water, as well as improving airflow to the engine. Protects and extends engine life. Protects and extends engine life. Water resistant and reduces filter clogging and available in a 400ml aerosol

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Spanjaards Biodegradable Motorcycle Air Filter Cleaner aerosol
They also supply their biodegradable in 5 litre containers for those busy workshops and those that ride a lot.
Spanjaards Motorcycle Air Filter Oil

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