Spanjaards Rat Repellent Spray

Dealing with the rats and mice – Ethically

So, how is this motorcycle related you may ask? Well, generally we all have cupboards where we store our riding gear, helmets, boots and gloves and they are all generally dark, warm and relatively undisturbed for a good couple of hours a day, the perfect spot for rodents to creep in and nest. Believe it or not, these little buggers can and will eat absolutely anything, so your precious kit not only offers them a home, but also a source of food. Let’s look at our garages, wiring harnesses seem to be a delicacy for them as well, so are seat covers and sponges and garages offer lots of interesting little nooks and crannies for them to nest and make maningi babies to carry on the trend. And  nowadays in a world of bunny huggers, we are frowned upon when we set lethal traps for the vermin, so what do we do….?

Spanjaard Rat repellent spray is the best and easiest answer to that. This product is formulated to deter rats and rodents where they cause damage to motor vehicle components, piping, wiring, etc. Spanjaard Rat repellent is a blend of strong smelling essential oils to naturally repel rats, mice and other rodents without causing harm. The pungent formulation confuses the sense of smell and masks pheromone trails. Non-toxic and safe for indoor and outdoor use. For best results, spray frequently and avoid the cost of expensive repairs associated with the ingress of rats.

Spanjaard has specialised in the manufacture of aerosol products across many industries for over 60 years and continues to deliver an extensive and specialised range of products for home, office, workshop, industry, marine, mining, outdoor, automotive and many more applications.

Spanjaard Rat Repellent spray is available in a 200ml aerosol.

We use a lot of their  products here at the office and not always in the application they are designed for. Our office Orangutang recently had to get a bike started fairly quickly that had been standing for a while and the carb had gummed up a bit. After battling along in his best garage french he eyed the can of Rat Repellent spray, checked the ingredients and decided it might work as ‘quick start’. True as nuts…. IT DID! And it smelled really nice as well – like a cinabon bun…. Now we are all hungry.

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