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The Penultimate round of the 2023 ZX 10 cup all happened at Zwartkops this weekend. It was two exciting races, probably the best of the day with impressive numbers – almost thirty bikes on the startline.

By Neil Phillipson

Spanjaard. Chain Wax. Chain Lube. Air Filter Oil Spray. Brake, Clutch and Chain Cleaner. Synthetic Fork Oil. Fork oil. Carb Cleaner.
ZX 10 Cup
Teddy Brooke. One of the most enthusiastic racers around.

Summer racing is always hot, 30 odd degrees by 11h00 – but that did not stop the guys from putting on some great dices.


Both races saw Trevor Westman taking the chequered flag, but he had his work cut out for the day.

ZX 10 cup
Damian Purificati.

In race 1 van Breda got the holeshot, Purificati worked his way past, Westman took the lead and a massive four lap race ensued. Damien and Trevor pulled ahead, with Lamb just pipping championship leader Van Breda to the third spot. 

ZX 10 Cup
Jayson Lamb had a big off in the second race.

Race 2 saw Van Breda with the holeshot again… He pulled about a four bike length lead when Lamb had a massive high-side in turn 2, and the race was red flagged. At the restart, Westman got the holeshot with Purificati 2nd.  Van Breda held on to third place… incredibly tight racing. 

The rest of the field was well spread out for the day, all enjoying individual ding dongs and keeping the crowd entertained.

Championship Leader Graham Van Breda.
ZX 10 Cup
Wayne Shelley stalks Pieter de Vos.

The last race of the 2023 season is at Zwartkops on the 18th of November.

See you there!

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