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ARCH Motorcycle.

Heard of em? No? Well – we’ll try to enlighten you.

One of our all-time favourite movie stars has to be Keanu Reeves. Not only is he one of those quiet guys who seems to attract very little controversy, but he also happens to be a proper motorcycle nut, often featuring bikes in his movies along with the likes of Tom Cruise, Daniel Craig and co. In addition to a serious personal collection of bikes, he has a one-up over them all…

Reeves is one of the men behind the very exotic Arch brand. How cool is that? Movie star and bike builder – what more could a person need?


Ultra-Premium Roadsters Made in California

 “The temperate climate is ideal for year-round riding and its diverse topography welcomes a sense of adventure, making it the perfect place for development.” 

When Arch Motorcycle debuted its KRGT-1, they introduced a luxury take on the American big twin like nobody had seen before.

Think Brabus. You get the idea?

A limited production motorcycle realized to push the limits of design capabilities. Only 23 Method 143 motorcycles will be available worldwide.

The company has now started delivering the Arch 1s, its second production motorcycle, a sportier take on their first V-twin

Arch Motorcycle hand builds limited production bikes that feature amazing detail.

Top-shelf suspension and braking components are fitted to a frame made of tubular steel and precision-machined aluminum. Light carbon fibre components wrap themselves around the heart of the beast. The engine is an Arch proprietary version of an S&S Cycle 124-cubic inch (2032 cc) V-twin with Arch’s downdraft fuel injection and a 6-speed drivetrain with a high torque shaft drive.

Structural components are made from billet steel and billet aluminum. The front and rear suspensions are custom-made for ARCH by Ohlins, originally for use in the first KRGT-1 but, they say tuned slightly differently for use in the new 1s. The 48mm FGRT-series fork and rear monoshock are fully adjustable. Big,four piston ISR calipers bring the BST (Invented in SA) carbon fibre wheels to a stop.  Michelin Pilot Power rubber provides traction.

The ARCH 1s sports fully adjustable rear shocks from Öhlins Racing - Motorcycle.
The ARCH 1s pairs a proprietary stainless steel carbon fibre exhaust system with a 2 litre S&S V-Twin engine.
ARCH Motorcycles are equipped with high-quality carbon fibre wheels by SA's BST - Blackstone TEK .

There are no motorcycles available for sale if you do happen to wander into the Arch headquarters. The company does not have nationwide or international dealerships.

Each bike is hand made for a single customer. Customers are invited to the Los Angeles facility to ride one of two test 1s models and the process goes from there. Ergonomics are tuned to the individual. If the customer wants quicker or slower handling, adjustments can be made to adjust rake, trail, or both. During the custom build plan and design process for each bike, buyers consult with Arch designers and engineers to tailor ride comfort and performance options, making choices that included forward or mid controls and foot peg and handlebar adjustments. Colour and finish choices are limited by your imagination.

According to what we’ve seen, the ARCH 1s starts at $128,000 (current rate of exchange – a few hundred thousand over two million ZA Rands).

The price goes up from there depending on customer preference and modifications.

Want one? Some Details on the Arch 1s:



Arch proprietary S&S Cycle T124 twin cam w/ downdraft fuel injection


124ci (2,032cc)

Transmission/Final Drive:

Arch proprietary 6-speed drivetrain w/ custom high-torque mainshaft

Claimed Torque:

115.3 lb.-ft.


Tubular and billet steel with billet aluminum structural members

Front Suspension:

Öhlins FGRT-series 48mm inverted fork, fully adjustable

Rear Suspension:

Öhlins monoshock, fully adjustable

Front Brake:

Dual radially mounted ISR 6-piston monoblock calipers w/ ABS

Rear Brake:

Radially mounted ISR 4-piston monoblock caliper w/ ABS

Wheels, Front/Rear:

BST Ultralight carbon fiber; 17 x 3.5 in. / 17 x 8.5 in.

Tyres, Front/Rear:

Michelin Pilot Power 3; 120/70ZR-17 / 240/45ZR-17


25.2°/4.0 in.



Seat Height:

80 CM.

Fuel Capacity:

17 litres.

Claimed Dry Weight:


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