Big Boys Velocity gets beefier. The 175 cargo

Big Boys Velocity gets beefier: The Cargo 175

You see the Big Boy Velocity everywhere, everyday, from the guy that drops off your lunch at the office or dinner at home, to the person delivering your groceries, gadgets, fashion wear…, In fact we’ll bet that your online shopping has been delivered on a Big Boy Velocity at some stage.

The delivery market is the biggest market segment in the South African motorcycles and Velocity importers South African Motorcycles are the King of the Hill. When you are at the top, if you are not always improving your offering, your competitors will take a swing at your crown. S.A.M didn’t become the market leaders in this segment by sitting on their laurels, they have always been very proactive. With that being said , let us introduce you to the all new mightier, stronger and all round better Big Boy Velocity 175 Cargo.


So, what is new, bigger and better versus the model it replaces?

Well for starters, the engine capacity increases to a 169cc power plant, it may not sound like much, but in this engine sizing that signifies around a 10% increase in power and torque. This equates to better reliability, less mechanical stress on the engine and improved speed, which in turn improves rider safety, delivery time and comfort.

Next, the new Cargo 175 has bigger and better front forks and shocks with a “Dual shock in shock suspension system” out back. The swing arm has been upgraded to better handle the challenges of South African roads and the demands of the S.A. delivery rider and his not insignificant loads. Combined with all that is the cargo rack, (a standard feature on this model), which is also designed and built a lot stronger than most available on the market today.

For better stability and handling, (read better rider and cargo safety), is a longer wheelbase putting fractionally more weight on the front wheel. Let us explain, shorter wheelbases with a heavy load slung out back behind the shocks and pivot points have a tendency to make the front very light, great if you are a stunt rider showing off with wheelies, but really bad if you are a busy delivery rider zipping away from traffic lights ahead of the traffic.

Rider ergonomics have also been improved, which makes sense. These guys spend hours a day in the saddle and a fatigued rider is not a safe rider. The Cargo 175 features a wider, softer seat with more of a body hugging curve to it. The handle bars are also more neutral and offer significantly more rider comfort in the shoulders and lower back. The clocks are also more user friendly and now have a battery charge indicator in the top centre, with all the stop and go with collection and deliveries the riders need to keep an eye on the condition of the battery.

For better safety and more visibility, especially at night the Cargo 175 features a super bright LED light bar upfront underneath the LED globed headlight. What used to be the side amber reflectors are now bright LED lights connected to the headlight. Better visibility.

Other standard features include a wider fuel tank for increased fuel capacity, tubeless tyre front and rear for quick puncture repairs. A water resistant USB charging socket, flexible indicators and front crash bars as standard. The rear tyre is also wider for better stability and load carrying capacity. Best of all though is the 3 year/20,000km Factory S.A.M. warranty.

The Cargo 175 tips the scales at 115kg’s, has electric start with a kick start back up and returns a fuel consumption at a cruising speed of 65 to 80 kmh of 2,45 litres per 100kms. Tristan took it up to 110 kph. That is just under 41 km per litre, so theoretically if a rider is not kamikaze, the 12.8 litre fuel tank should see an easy 500 km plus range on a single fill. There’s no fuel light, but there is a reserve tap.

What’s it like to ride?

You can immediately feel it is a lot more comfortable than the previous model. Hit the starter button and it fires into life with a gentle purr. The clutch is soft and light and it easily clicks through the gearbox. The biggest change is the torque, (now at 10.2nM), when you take off from a traffic light and get ahead of the traffic very easily. The power is also up, now at 8.8Kw which helps the Cargo 175 easily maintain a comfortable cruising speed. Noticeably, the front wheel isn’t as wheely happy anymore, really stable in fast-ish corners and doesn’t easily get out of shape when hitting small potholes. In general it is a really comfortable bike to ride and – minus the carrier would also make a great day to day fuel efficient urban commuter.. The boss’s teenage sons were pretty complimentary about its looks and its ride, even hinting that they wouldn’t mind having one hanging around the office on a permanent basis.

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