sym blaze commercial

The SYM Blaze 200

sym blaze commercial
Get the pizza delivered while it's hot!

A while back, we featured the Sym 125 on this very page.

That was fun, but a 125 has its limitations in that it can’t run on the national freeways. Commercial bikes are big business in SA and the Sym range caters for everyone…

sym commercial
It's actually a 169cc tried and tested unit.
sym commercial
Very legible display complete with a fuel gauge.

Powered by an air cooled, 169cc four stroke engine, the Blaze 200 is significantly stronger than the little 125 and there are positive and negative points to this. The positives are that the bike is quicker off the mark to drill the traffic and, it’s faster up at the top. This means that carving traffic is easier and your Pizza will be a tad hotter when it arrives. It also means that the bike can legally hit the freeways. The down side is that the bike is significantly quicker off the mark and faster up at the top…

Yes, you read that right, this often makes riders a tad more ‘windgat.’

Big headlamp for night time use...

But there is no replacement for displacement and at our offices we’d all go for the 200. BUT! And there is always a but… you need to decide whether you want your rider to go faster and get more deliveries done… or to take it slow. The Blaze easily runs to freeway speeds. Bringing things to a halt is a beefy disc up front with a drum system out back. Twin shocks handle the load out back with the telescopic forks offering a softer ride over the bumps, so less jarring of the good in the delivery box. Complimenting all of this is the wide soft seat and the relaxed riding position.

For this review we took the bike to our local pizza joint, Pizza Baby, ordered a pizza, watched them being manufactured and we gave the bike to their delivery man Moffat for delivery to our spot. He grinned the whole way and our lot actually had to pedal a bit to keep up! You see, he gets paid per delivery, so there’s no time for jibber jabber. His daily ride is a 150cc, so the extra power really was REALLY appealing to him.

“It’s very smooth and STRRRONG! Very comfortable! And I also feel more safe riding this bike” – His words.

sym commercial
Twin pot disc brake up front.
sym commercial
The exhaust is quiet and wont set the dogs off.

As usual, we gave our teenagers a spin and they were also suitably impressed. We think there’s a business nose on them because at the time we had a significantly pricier and cooler looking bike in our garage and when they heard the price disparity… well… “Dad, you can buy four SYM’s for the price of one of those…”

Food for thought.

R20,995-00 At your SYM Dealer

sym commercial

Engine Capacity



Engine Type












Tank Capacity


Fuel Consumption


Ground Clearance


Seat Height


Front Brakes

Single disc brake

Rear Brakes

Drum brake

Front Suspension

Telescopic fork – Non-adjustable

Rear Suspension

Dual shock – Adjustable (pre-load only)

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