sym scooter

The Sym X-Pro 125 Scooter

sym scooter

We had a conundrum at home. 

The lighties are getting to the age where they need wheels. Mom works, dad works – and with the cost of fuel, running kids to school and back every day was getting pricey. At 17, the first thing we did was sort a motorcycle learners licence (Really smooth by the way) – and a Sym 125 arrived…

Sym Scooter
Neat little wind shield
Sym Scooter
Bright Lighting
Hassle free automatic.

This bike has solved so many problems. 

No more fighting to get going. The fuel bill has dropped dramatically and our teenager manages to get in an extra half hour of sleep in the morning because he no longer had to sit in traffic.


The family obtained a gopher. 

“Gopher this, gopher that”

Please zip up to the cafe’, we need this, that and the next thing…

Win Win?

Yes but… kids these days are smart. 

Soon there was a little fee for running around – and then a business idea started to form…

Tristan hit our local community whatsapp group. 

“If anyone needs anything collected outside school hours, I’ll do it for a small fee.”

He fitted a removable box and pretty soon, the phone started ringing. Pharmacy, Groceries, bread and milk from the Cafe’… we’ve even seen braai wood and charcoal loaded.

sym scooter
Sym Scooter

The scooter has actually become a great little money spinner. Convenient too – Dad often disappears off down the road and we suspect that Junior brother takes it out when no-ones looking… The fact that is automatic and convenient twist and go automatic means that anyone can ride.

In a year, he has sorted his own fuel and maintenance and saved up a deposit for a bigger bike. Cool huh!

Scooters really do make a lot of sense. 

And the Sym comes complete with an immobilizer, charging port, rack for the box, a small underseat compartment, decent brakes and suspension – and it’s actually really nippy for a little four stroke.

Big bright head and tail lights (Important for visibility), a piercing hooter for the hard of hearing customers and errant road users are part of the package.

Top speed – 90KPH.

Our lot have not used it on the freeways (Mom said no), but to shops and back, school, sports, braai’s with the mates… 2000 Km’s in and it’s been great.

sym scooter

The only issue? Pothole damage on one of the wheels (Thankfully, no crash thanks to evasive dirtbike training) which we had repaired… No fault of the bikes and the rider footed the bill.


The Sym brand is well established in SA with a great dealer network, so parts and all that – though we haven’t needed any, are easy to find.


It’s a great option. 


The younger brother will inherit it when he turns 17. 

Good parts and backup nationally and… 

This thing literally runs on the sniff of an oil rag.


Price: R21995.00

sym scooter


Engine Capacity


Engine Type












Tank Capacity


Seat Height


Front Brakes

Single disc brake

Rear Brakes

Drum brake

Front Suspension

Telescopic fork – Non-adjustable

Rear Suspension

Dual shock – Adjustable (pre-load only)

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