BMW F900GS's and F800GS’s land at BMW Motorrad Fourways

BMW F900GS’s and F800GS’s land at BMW Motorrad Fourways

Friday morning was a busy day at BMW Motorrad dealerships with the majority of them hosting unveiling events for the all new 2024 BMW F900GS’s and the F800GS’s. BMW Motorrad Fourways was no exception and held a gala event for their clients and members of the public who happened to wander in. A tasty array of snacks and refreshments were laid on, the bikes were all hidden away in plain sight under black cloth covers heightening everybodies curiosity and anticipation.

The morning kicked off with a welcome from Desmond Roodt and a short introduction to the model line up. And then it was time for the big unveiling of all the new bikes and a short chat on each of the models by the team. Once they were done they customers were encouraged to get a closer look, check comfort, ergonomics and seat heights while asking more detailed questions of the team members. A lot of discussions went around the merits of each of the new models, the updates, the new performance figures and the all new look and feel in general.

Expect to see a lot more about these bikes in the near future….

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BMW F900GS's and F800GS’s land at BMW Motorrad Fourways

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