frosty buns

Frosty Buns Blanket Run.


Rain showers, traffic jams and road blocks couldn’t keep em away…

This was the Frosty Buns Charity Ride hosted by RideFast Magazine, RAD KTM, The Bike Show and Guts and Gas.

Sean, one of our team members, took it upon himself to put the wheels in motion and the event was born. 

Riders from near and far gathered at RAD KTM to join the cause, bringing blankets and giving donations all in the spirit of helping the less fortunate. Rad prepared a big box for all the blankets that got filled to the top. 


Happy Smiles All Round!

Bikes of all kinds and sizes brought friends, family and strangers together, sharing in laughter and smiles over a nice cup of coffee. After the riders briefing we hit the highway at Rivonia, for a chilled (get it?) ride around JHB’s ring road. 

There was even a brand new model Suzuki along...
Punctures were repaired...

Final destination: 

Roasty’s Roadhouse on the Cnr of Selbourne Road &, Witkoppen Rd in Fourways. Lekker spot!

Pulling into Roasty’s we were greeted by the friendly staff members making every one of us feel welcome. Lekker burgers and shakes were enjoys before everyone dispersed for the ride home.

More than 100 Blankets were donated.

They are being distributed at camps and SPCA’s all over.


Whether you own a road motorcycle or not, you can make a difference. 

If you would also like to make a contribution, please go and drop a blanket into the box at RAD KTM. 

We will make sure that it gets to the right people.

To those who joined in the Frosty Buns Blanket Run, we thank you for your contribution. 

We’ll do another something soon!


The RideFast Team.

Now to deliver!

Footnote: There is a massive need for blankets. We loaded lots of them onto the back of our bakkie and got a bit stuck in peak hour traffic. While we were sitting there, we noticed one of the blankets flapping around a bit in the rear view mirror. An arm made an appearance over our tailgate… and blankets were removed. In broad daylight. We hope they went to people who need em.

Africa you beauty!

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