Honda Wing George

It’s inspiring to see the journey of Honda Wing George from its establishment by Andre Strauss to its current status as one of the few motorcycle dealerships owned and run by ladies.

 Maria Florio has been the lady in charge since February 2023 has been into motorcycles since a young age. She worked in the industry selling tyres and spares, and her dream was to be at the helm of a motorcycle dealership.

“The dealership’s resilience against challenges, including the impact of COVID-19 and competition, is a testament to the team’s dedication and strategic vision.”

The commitment of long-time team members like Wayne and Alfred . Dominique who has been with Honda for almost 13 years , coupled with the local expertise of Chantelle in the spares department, forms a strong foundation for Honda Wing George’s success. 

It’s a story of passion, resilience, and above all, the power of dreams in the world of motorcycles.

Honda Wing George: 2 Hibernia Street, George.

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