Antipants. Raising funds for the Rhino’s


AntiPants-AntiPoaching 2024

Each year, in January, on or aroundish the third Sunday of the month, two local lasses, Skinny van Schalkwyk and Jolandi Mentz invite, cajole and inspire hundreds of bikers to saddle up, don their Sunday best (under-garments), swing their legs over the seat and head off to Pretoria, South Africa’s administrative capital.

By Liezl Greyling.

This gorgeous city on the Highveld, which straddles the Apies River, extending eastwards into the foothills of the Magaliesberg mountains, once again hosted the Antipants shenanigans. All in aid of raising funds for endangered species. 

Fact:  In Kwazulu Natal, one rhino is killed per day!  Sad huh!

The benefactor for 2024 is the Rhino Orphanage.  

With endangered horns, front and centre, Antipants started rolling in at Huckleberry’s Café, Magnolia Dell, from 8-ish. Midway through the route and safety briefing, there was a commotion in one scantily clad corner – someone had just learnt that Dricus Stillknocks Du Plessis had just made history by becoming the first South African to win the United Fighting Championship Middleweight Category. Who cares if we missed a turn-off or two in the ride brief.  Once again, just 1 point showed the world what incredible talent we have.

Next stop for Antipants was Coffee@Capital, Gezina, for breakfast. The riding pace was sedate heading to the 2nd stop and I managed to keep up due to all the intersections on my little Vespa 2-smoke.  

The Antipants Pyramid: I’m not quite sure what the origins of this ritual is, but I participated for the 2nd time in 2 years. The cue is when Skinny plonks herself on the lawn and anyone who is game, helps stack the pyramid. Squished and being the bottom, (there were lots of that) slice of the human dagwood we built, we went from horizontal to vertical and started heading to the bikes, off for the next stop.   

Building the many bottoms pyramid...

How cool to have all these bikes going through the Daspoort Tunnel enroute to the penultimate stop. Somewhere in the bundus, where all lined up on the middle line on a deserted road, the drone gets air traffic control clearance and all sorts of flesh is flashed. A cool deal – buy a sticker and get a free beer.  

Onwards to the last stop, Mulligans Pub in Harties, for some more refreshments, a dip in the pool for those overheating and the highlight of the day, the auction. Antipants raised quite a hefty sum for the orphanage. We are such lekker people at the bottom end of this continent – the common denominator is not brand, cc, speed or skill but throttle.

Got to love the local fraternity that also shows up and supports this initiative. Donovan Fourie, made available some Hero’s for those who had no steeds to saddle, and he hosted a special “dignitary” table for Hero riders at Mulligans Pub in Harties.  

Not only that, all Hero riders’ for the day got a free bike service!! How’s that for putting your money where your horn is? All on top of Ross Branch’s incredible performance and 2nd place at the Dakar, on a Hero, only days before.

Many heroes on this day.  Big.  Small.  Short.  Tall.  Those who showed up.  Those who showed flesh.  Those who chose not to, which is also OK. Antipants is about the “gees”.

Some took the time to have some lady in the family crochet their clobber. We even had two Faf’s – evensome famous ones. We counted a previous GS Trophy qualifier among the scantily clad – on his 2nd bike … a Hero.  

Heroes don’t wear capes. They walk (ride) among us.  Hope to see you all next year.  Antipants. You know when  – 3rd ish Sunday of Jan. Be safe. Take care.  

You need a bike in your life.

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