South African Short Circuit Series 2024 Season Incoming…

Spanjaard. Chain Wax. Chain Lube. Air Filter Oil Spray. Brake, Clutch and Chain Cleaner. Synthetic Fork Oil. Fork oil. Carb Cleaner.

We’ll cover the full series right here!

 As we hit the new year there is always something to look forward to. 

The best of all comes in the form of one word, racing! Moto GP is just around the corner – and the local race series are starting to fire up!

 The SA Short circuit series kicks off at the Vereeniging Kart Circuit on the 24th of February. Set the date and make sure you don’t miss out. Eight races are scheduled for the 2024 season and Ridefast will be there to capture all the action, so stay tuned.

 The NR Short Circuit Racing is most definitely one series that is not to be missed. A family friendly race series for kids of “all ages” to come and enjoy. For new and experienced racers. A great place for the youngsters from the age of 4 years old to start and learn all about racing. The PW50 Novice class is the entry level.

 From what we saw in the 2023 Season excitement builds to what 2024 may bring forth.

Recap:  A look at last year’s top 3 riders in championship points.

 Clubmans 1

 1st #69 Henk Schuiling *125 pts

 Henk was the only bike in the Clubmans 1 class to have entered. So, a lot of space for riders to join this class.

 Clubmans 2

 1st #21 Arno Erasmus *437 pts

2nd #96 Sabastiano D’Arrigo *262 pts

3rd #33 Mitch Mortimer *150 pts

 Arno had an incredible year and took the Championship by 175 points. Mitch, who only joined the series for the last two races, won both and managed to end the year in 3rd place. Things are going to get really heated this year.

#69 Henk Schuiling
#21 Arno Erasmus
#96 Sabastiano D'Arrigo
#33 Mitch Mortimer (photo: Eugene Botes)


 1st #550 Marnitz Otten *500 pts

2nd #52 Declan Schoeman *262 pts

3rd #33 Jaco Coetzee *93 pts

 Marnitz had a perfect season as he won every single race, now that is impressive. With Marnitz moving up to SM Junior 50cc, who will take the PW50 crown this year?

#550 Marnitz Otten
#52 Declan Schoeman
#33 Jaco Coetzee


 1st #100 Tanner Oosthuizen *407 pts

2nd #143 Tsebo Mafokate *288 pts

3rd #11 Zander du Toit *200 pts

 Tanner did six races and won 3 with the Championship impressive for a first-year rider. With so many new riders that joined towards the end of the year and more new riders joining this year we are going to have a very hungry pack of wolf pups gunning for the title.

#100 Tanner Oosthuizen
#143 Tsebo Mafokate
#11 Zander du Toit


 1st #30 Ruben Weterman *422 pts

2nd #31 Luan Weterman *334 pts

3rd #17 Tom Maritz *190 pts

 The Weterman twins have been a thorn in the side of all SM2 riders as they just dominated the class. The only rider that had the means to give them grief Diego de Ponte moved up to the SM1 class. With the twins stepping up to SM1S who knows what will happen.

#30 Ruben Weterman
#31 Luan Weterman
#17 Tom Maritz

SM Junior 65cc

 1st #101 Keaton de Jager *430 pts

2nd #40 Lorenzo de Ponte *303 pts

3rd #110 Bohlale Mafokate *281 pts

 Keaton was like a little bullet train all year as powered his way to the Championship win with 127 points. Lorenzo, Bohlale and Tristan Swart who finished the year in 4th had only a 34 points difference between the three riders.

#101 Keaton de Jager
#40 Lorenzo de Ponte
#110 Bohlale Mafokate

SM Junior 85cc

 1st #99 Adam Naidoo *466 pts

2nd #77 Mueez Jassat 360 pts

3rd #1 Jason van Breda *141 pts

 With the reigning champ Jason missing 4 of the 7 races due to injury it was a free for all championship battle. In the end, it was Adam who took full advantage and rode his heart out and it paid off as he took the championship win.

#99 Adam Naidoo
#77 Mueez Jassat
#1 Jason van Breda

SM Masters

 1st #84 Christian Caravello *326 pts

2nd #134 Michael Louw * 244 pts

3rd #258 Vaughn Bronkhorst *241 pts

 Christian had a great run with 4 wins and 5 podiums to secure his Championship win. Michael and Vaughn finished the year with only 3 points apart. Vaughn took 3rd in his first year of riding a motard.

#84 Christian Caravello
#134 Michael Louw
#258 Vaughn Bronkhorst

SM Grand Masters

 1st #17 Tom Maritz *373 pts

2nd #41 Wian Erasmus *171 pts

3rd #12 Kyle Robertson *150 pts

 Tom made clean work for his season winning it by 202 points. Things might have been really close if we saw Kyle on the track more than only two races, two races he won by the way.

#17 Tom Maritz
#41 Wian Erasmus
#12 Kyle Robertson

150 Cup

 1st #22 Cayden Robert *392 pts

2nd #21 Arno Erasmus *351 pts

3rd #57 Diego de Ponte *234 pts

 2023 saw some real intense racing in the 150 Cup along with thrills and spills. As the dust finally settled it was the Young King Price Team rider who had the top spot and the new Champion. Arno had good consistency and was only 41 points off. This class has been growing every year so we will have to wait and see who will make the most of 2024.

#22 Cayden Robert
#21 Arno Erasmus
#57 Diego de Ponte

150 Seniors

 1st #181 Callynn Swart *222 pts

2nd #6 Clinton Seller *208 pts

3rd #33 Aston Nesbitt *158 pts

 Seeing that for the 2023 season there was prize money up for grabs, a lot of riders took a stab at this class that produced some great racing, but in the end, it was Callynn that had the last laugh as he took his first Short Circuit championship.

#181 Callynn Swart
#6 Clinton Seller
#33 Aston Nesbitt

SM Junior 50cc

 1st #1 Keaton de Jager *437 pts

2nd #26 Ethan de Freitas *423 pts

3rd #550 Marnitz Otten 237 pts

 Nail biting racing was the name of this class. Intense can also be used as this class brought the most epic battles of the year. Keaton and Ethan was at each other’s throats the whole year. Keaton won his second championship in a row by only 14 points. Marnitz who had his first year on the 50cc had a great year beating Blake Robert for 3rd overall by 10 points.

#1 Keaton de Jager
#26 Ethan de Freitas
#550 Marnitz Otten

Once again, the best is kept for last. As we call them “the Hooligans” , the fastest riders in the SM1 and SM1S class. The difference between the two is that the S in SM1S is the more standard bikes and the SM1’s is more modified.


 1st #18 Hunter Dreyer *220 pts

2nd #134 Michael Louw *100 pts

3rd #89 Darien Kayser *75 pts

 Missing a couple of rounds Hunter still made sure to win all the racing he could attend and won his second Championship in a row.

#18 Hunter Dreyer
#134 Michael Louw
#89 Darien Kayser


 1st #33 Aston Nesbitt *461 pts

2nd #13 Ryan van Nieuwkerk *367 pts

3rd #84 Christian Caravello *178 pts

 Aston had his hands full after Ryan joined the SM! Class in Round 2. Their battles were legendary as both went at each other tooth and nail. Most definitely the class I look forward to the most watching these two races for the 2024 title. Aston won every single race he entered and had a well-deserved 2023 Championship win, also his second in a row.

#1 Aston Nesbitt
#13 Ryan van Nieuwkerk
#84 Christian Caravello
Want to join in the fun and try your hand at racing, this is the criteria you have to meet for the various classes:

Rules and Regulations.

 PW50 and Novice Class: PW50 – Open to all beginner competitors from the year of their 4th birthday.

 PW50 Class, 100% standard as per Yamaha South Africa specifications per model of PW50 motorcycles, exhaust system to remain standard as per specification of Yamaha South Africa. NO MODIFICATIONS WHATSOEVER apart from jetting! Tyres are allowed to be changed but only to treaded road tyres.

 There is also the Clubmans Class where new riders from the age of 10 years old and up to adults can compete. All motorcycles welcome not exceeding 450cc engines. Another great class where you can test your skill and see what class will suit you best. There is also a Clubmans class (Clubmans 1) for bikes with motors 200cc and below. Last year we saw only one competitor in Clubmans 1 so it is a trophy hunters dream race.

 The juniors have three different classes to join according to age.

SM Junior 50ccOpen to all competitors from the year of their 6th birthday to 31 December of the year in which their 6th birthday occurs.

 SM Junior 65cc: Open to all competitors from the year of their 7th birthday to 31 December of the year in which their 12th birthday occurs.

 SM Junior 85cc (2-stroke):  Open to all competitors from the year of their 10th birthday to 31 December of the year in which their 15th birthday occurs.

 Young and old can also go head to head in the 150 Cup and 150 Seniors class.

150 Cup: 150 Class – Open to all competitors from the year of their 12th birthday Alternatively, competitors that have been competing in the SAMRA NSF 100 Junior Trophy for 2 consecutive years will be eligible to compete from the year of their 11th birthday, up to the year of their 15th birthday.

150 Seniors: 150 Senior Class – Open to all competitors from the year of their 16th birthday.

 For the older riders, there is the ever so mind-blowing racing we call Super Motards. Supermoto – an off-road motorcycle, fitted with racing slicks. Also known as a Motard. Classes – FOUR classes SM1S, SM1, SM2, SM Masters.

SM2: SM2 – From the year of their 15th birthday with a minimum of 5 years racing experience. No break-out times will apply to any Rookie rider in their first year of racing in this class. Or from the year of their 16th birthday. Or at the Promoters discretion or the CoC’s discretion.

SM Masters: SM Masters – from the year of 40th birthday to year of 49th birthday.

SM Grand Masters: SM Grand Masters – from the year of their 50th birthday and above.

 The crowd favourite is the SM1 and SM1S classes where the pro riders get to battle it out. SM1 & SM1S take to the track at the same time.

SM1:  SM1 – From the year of their 16th birthday, or with correct experience, or at the Promoters discretion or the CoC’s discretion.

SM1S: SM1S – From the year of their 16th birthday, or with correct experience, or at the Promoters discretion or the CoC’s discretion.



PW50 Competitors taking part in PW50 will be allowed to wear suitable external body protection which must be worn over at least a long sleeve top and a jacket, and jeans. Helmets and gloves are compulsory. Shoes, no open shoes allowed. No holes in shoes. PW50 competitors may wear a trainer shoe (takkie). The shoes must have laces or fastening straps. All other classes must wear suitable racing boots. All competitors must wear gloves. No holes in gloves. All competitors must wear a closed-face helmet with a visor or may wear a motocross helmet, however goggles are compulsory. At the discretion of the Clerk of the Course, a competitor from any class may be excluded from all heats should a competitor not be adequately protected.


All competitors wishing to participate in the SA Short Circuit Series must hold a minimum of a social motorcycle licence as well as any insurance required, as issued by the MSA.

 For all rules, regulation, bike requirements and allowed modifications please check the following link by MSA.

 Looking forward to seeing you all at the Race Days. 


 If you have any inquiries about the series, be it how to join or technical advice please contact:

 Admin: Michaela Voerster

Assistance on technical aspects: Aston Nesbitt

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