Irreplaceable Bikes Burn In Boksburg…

The BikeShop Boksburg Burning – what happened and what happens now?

The collapsed roof in the middle of the showroom.

Story Donovan Fourie

It was Sunday, 23 June at 9am when the smoke ascended above Boksburg. This is a city that had Presley’s catch fire, it had seen a recycle plant go up in flames but this is personal.

Close to 200 motorcycles and a floor full of new accessories and kit saw their demise in a fiery blaze. Nothing could be realistically salvaged. The clothing and kit belonging to Bike Kings on the second floor remains unrecognisable. The tin roof melted inwardly and the walls started leaning precariously…

A KTM 50 – the forks, wheels and plastics all melted away.

The lines of shiny motorcycles had very little luck. Anything aluminium melted into grey puddles, fairings and plastics disintegrated. The only material to survive was the hardest of steel.

Very quickly, arson was ruled out by the fire team, and while the full report is yet to be released, the likely cause is a fault of some kind in the electronics.

The outside of the store from the parking lot. The showroom and accessory divisions went down but the workshop (right) was saved by the good work of the fire squad.
The newly-built workshop suffered only slight damage and is still up and running.

All this comes just seven months after this new store was first opened.

All is not lost, however, and the strong shall pick up from the fall and rise again.

The new workshop built adjacent to the new showroom received only minor damage, and services and repairs continue unabated. 

Cruisers, being mostly made of steel, stood up pretty well to the heat.
The row of superbikes, being mostly lightweight aluminium, didn’t hold up too well.

Across the parking lot from the new building is the warehouse-sized showroom that BikeShop Boksburg previously inhabited that has since been occupied by Demo Deals appliances. The good news is that Demo Deals has signed a lease with the premises next door for a showroom that better suits their needs, while BikeShop Boksburg will move into its old showroom, one that was impressive nonetheless. This move is expected at the beginning of August – look out for more news on that. They are also still doing new Suzuki sales.

The steel door to the workshop was cut open by the fire squad.
The main entrance of the shop

What the people at BikeShop are looking for now is new stock – some 200 motorcycles need replacing. It seems that if you wish to sell a motorcycle, now is an especially good time to do it.

This was a pristine Yamaha R1. They make them mostly out of lightweight materials like aluminium which don’t last long in the heat. Note that the titanium exhaust survived.
The walls started to peel away...
General carnage. Heartbreaking to any petrolhead...

                 Selling a used bike? 061 830 1163. 084 487 4371. 011 918 7777

A Honda TRX400 quad.
Some BMW GSs. Note the boxer motors.
The frame on this cruiser started ripping apart.
An idea of what the shop was like...

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