Moto Trainer. A great way to learn the lines.

Some pretty fast riders have been on board...

Want to up your lap times or just increase your riding skills , but you don’t have the time to drag your bike down to the track? Want to experience what its like to ride an actual bike on the track? Well as close as dammit anyway?

Then you need to grab a ride on the Moto Trainer simulator out in Midrand.

We first heard about the Moto Trainer at the end of last year. Back then, Bruce De Kock and his team were in the throes of landing the units and getting the simulator rooms branded and all set up. 6  odd months on, they have a fully fledged system that has been running very successfully for a while now.

What is the Moto Trainer?

Throw away the Ninteno, forget Mario Karts, this is pretty much the real deal.

Developed with DORNA, the Moto GP guys, this is the most realistic motorcycle simulator on the market. 

And it is quite frankly, pretty amazing. 

“The characteristic of the Moto Trainer is precisely that of being able to faithfully reproduce the sensations of fast riding on the bike. Moto Trainer is the only simulator that uses a real bike and reaches lean angles up to 50 °.

It also has an adjustable wheelbase, so it is suitable for all sports bikes.”

It's really... Very real!

We went and spent an hour trying it out and seeing what it’s all about – and we came away super impressed. 

Actual footage whizzes past as you tackle some of the most famous racetracks on the planet. 

A racetrack not enough of a challenge?

Then why not tackle the Isle of Man TT? Are your bells big enough? It’s insane! 

Trees, buildings, all in real time, high definition video with your exhaust note bellowing along as you open up.

Want to race Isle Of Man? You can do it here...

The Moto Trainer teaches a rider how to handle the tracks, what lines to take, body posture, correct braking… all while the actual world whizzes past you.

According to the team, many of our national and regional racers spend time on the simulator every week – racing the Redstar and other tracks – and the nett result is that they have improved on the tracks. They don’t do casual sessions like we did, they don full riding gear and give it a proper thrashing. And you bet your ass it’s a great workout! 

No risk, no tyre wear and they can focus on the lines.

And here’s something.

Dorna keeps an eye on things, so if you think that your kideo is the next Brad or Darren Binder, you can pop them onto the simulator – and if their lap times are consistent and up to scratch, the scouts might just get in touch…

It’s a heck of a lot more cost effective than buying airfares and renting bikes in the hope that someone will spot your rider.

On the day that we went along, an Aprilia RS 660 was bolted in place – but you can actually mount your own bike to the machine. Just book in advance.

Instructors show you the way...
And give you feedback.

Worried about a crash?

Well – you don’t need to – if you happen to get it wrong, the machine actually compensates before you wind up in the kitty litter. The instructor analyzes your performance and gives you pointers. 

Sean came off goggle eyed and really raving. You can see his comments in our You-Tube vid Here:

It’s not only for racers – it’s for anyone who wants to hone their riding skills and learn the correct way to tackle turns in terms of body english, gear selection, brakes and throttle control. 

Breakfast runners and even daily commuters, we guarantee that you’ll learn a lot.

Coming soon:

And this one has us intrigued, there is a road training module that is being developed as we write this. If you have a novice rider who would like to get a taste of SA’s streets and potholes, they are busy filming footage for South African application.

So your delivery rider or newbie can actually go and ride his or her bike on SA streets so to speak, with zero risk to the bike or rider.

Pretty cool huh! More on that soon.

The road training module is almost ready, complete with SA drivers, potholes and load shedding.

Out of Gauteng customers:

If you are interested in buying one of these machines  it’s a cool addition for any showroom or mancave (ahem!), give this lot a shout.

Get in touch: 


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