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Taking the Groan out of the Drone…

Just take a wander around the motorcycle dealerships and we’ll guarantee that you’ll hear a generator droning away somewhere. 

Motul tells us that, since loadshedding resumed this year, we have had approximately 235 days of loadshedding (as of 01 September 2023). Right now, are experiencing Stage 6, but as the stages fluctuate, they have done calculations with an average of 5 hours per day. 

The moment that you sit down to watch Moto GP…

Enter Solar and generators…


Motul now makes a generator specific oil, Tekma.

If you are using a backup generator every time the power goes out, that means that your genie is working pretty hard. 

Most manufacturers recommend a minor service every 50 running hours… 

The boffins at Motul have developed TEKMA POWER X, a new 4-stroke engine oil that has been specially formulated for use in petrol and diesel generators.

Tekma Power X is a specifically formulated generator oil for petrol gensets and low sulfur diesel gensets. According to Motul, it’s an ingenious combination of synthetic and high-quality mineral base stocks for optimal performance and with a lower viscosity than standard 15W-40 lubricants.

Cartoon courtesy of Sowetan.

In bike speak,  Motul TEKMA POWER X 10W-30, flows more easily at cold temperatures (think chilly mornings, or when a generator has been off for a while). 

Reduced oxidation and easier cold starts mean less wear and tear, optimised drain intervals and a longer generator lifespan – all of which add up to a reduction in the total cost of ownership. 

Please don’t put this stuff into your bike though. Motul has specific oil for your baby…

“Continuing Motul’s proud history of innovation, we’re delighted to introduce a product that is especially suited to the needs of South Africans during these dark days (and nights) of prolonged loadshedding,” added Mercia Jansen, Motul Area Manager for Southern and Eastern Africa.

Motul TEKMA POWER X 10W-30 is widely available, including from Takealot and selected parts stores nationwide. 


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