South African Short Circuit Series. Round 6

Spanjaard. Chain Wax. Chain Lube. Air Filter Oil Spray. Brake, Clutch and Chain Cleaner. Synthetic Fork Oil. Fork oil. Carb Cleaner.

Round 6 of the SASCS was definitely not just another raceday. It was a nail biting nerve wracking but yet triumphant raceday. Round 6 took place at Formula K in Benoni, a track with more curves than J-Lo.

Pics and story By: Jennilee Venter

“With Deon at North Vs South, this was my first time solo. I knew that I had big shoes to fill without my mentor there. I had to put my big girl pants on, fix my hair and get to it.”


We were greeted by a lot of friendly yet nervous faces in the pits, I eventually felt at ease. Going on track, a big world of endless possibilities and a lot of corners overwhelmed me until I looked through the camera’s viewfinder and heard the roaring bike engines. Then I knew what to do.”

short circuit
Vaughan Bronkhorst
Arno Erasmus
short circuit racing
Mitch Mortimer.

Masters. Grand Masters. Clubmans.

First up was a combination of old and new, big and powerful. A class that was combined, SM Masters and Grand Masters alongside the Clubmans. A lot of experience and skill in one class. 

Next up were the little people with big dreams, the huge PW 50 class. 

They have so much to learn but yet teach us a lot. These little visionaries go all out, with their head in the game. No fear they attack the first corner flat out!

 With #550 Marnitz Otten leading the PW50 with #52 Declan Schoeman and #33 Jaco Coetzee in 3rd. In Novice the little mini Ajay Venter won  and Tanner Oosthuizen  in 2nd place on the podium and #27 Kiros Taliotes in 3rd place.

The WSP Wetterman Twins. A class act. Pic: Eugene Botes.

Time for the older riders to show how it is done. 

In the SM 2’s the Weterman twins managed to both reach the top two steps. They had #52 Troy Tonking giving them a bit of a tough time with #33 Mitch Mortimer not far behind.

Van Breda took a spectacular tumble. Pic: Eugene Botes.

It was nail biting the SM Junior 85cc class.

 #1 Jason van Breda took his second crash of the day which sent him flying over the tyres. He was checked and given the okay by the Mibern Medics. In the 150 cup, he got back on and ended up taking 1st place followed by #22 Cayden Robert in 2nd and #13 Ryan van Nieuwkerk in 3rd. #39 Callyn Swart won the 150 Seniors.

Short Circuit Racing
Tyler Morgan leads the pack...

150 Cup. Well thats where young Van Breda came back out of his guerney in the ambulance and proceeded to smoke the opposition on the day. He was followed by Cayden Robert and Ryan Van Nieuwkerk.

short circuit racing
Big Wheelie from Nesbitt.

SM1 – an epic battle.

Ryan van Nieuwkerk rode an incredible race in the SM1 class where he saw a chance and grabbed it with full throttle over taking his mentor #1 Aston Nesbitt, who hit a slippery spot and slipped out of his 2nd spot. Heat 3 was even more nerve wracking as van Nieuwkerk was leading and this time it was his turn to slide out and into 2nd position.

But that is not all she wrote, he opened up and the battle of chasing started.

With two laps left Ryan reclaimed his spot in front overtaking Nesbitt once again for another win and 1st overall for the day.

Short Circuit Racing
Marnitz Otten
Short Circuit Racing
Blake Robert
Short Circuit Racing
Ethan De freitas
Short Circuit Racing
Keaton De Jager

SM Junior 50’s

Epic racing from the start with Keaton De Jager having a perfect day. He was followed in by Ethan de Freitas. They are separated by only a single point in the championship after six races. It’s going to be fun to see how the rest of the season plays out.

Please scroll through the pics below and enjoy!



Tanner Oosthuizen                    

Tsebo Mafokate                          

Zander du Toit                            

Kiros Taliotes                             

Ajay Venter                                  


Marnitz Otten                          

Declan Schoeman                      

Jaco Coetzee                               

CLASS – SM 50cc

Ethan de Freitas                        

Keaton de Jager

Blake Robert

Marnit Otten   

Joe Louw                                  


Keaton de Jager

Bohlale Mafokate

Lorenzo de Ponte

Daniyal Jassat

Tristan Swart


Adam Naidoo

Mueez Jassat

Jason van Breda

Tyler Morgan

Murray Smith

CLASS – 150 CUP     

Cayden Robert

Arno Erasmus

Diego de Ponte

Jason van Breda 

Jarrod Geypen

CLASS – 150 Seniors

Clint Seller

Callyn Swart

Aston Nesbitt

Thabang Keswa 

Taigh Janse van Rensburg




Aston Nesbitt 

Ryan van Nieuwkerk

Cristian Caravello 

Brandon Heukelman 

Louis de Ponte


Hunter Dreyer 

Michael Louw

Darien Kayser

Theo Oosthuizen

Chris Wright


Ruben Weterman 

Luan Weterman

Diego de Ponte

Tom Maritz

Troy Tonking


Cristian Caravello

Vaughn Bronkhorst

Michael Louw

Mark Newland

David veringa 


Tom Maritz  

Shaun Pietersen 

Wian Erasmus

Kyle Robertson


Henk Schuiling 


Arno Erasmus 

Sabastiano D’Arrigo

Terrence Chowles

Conrad Nieuwoudt 

Mitch Mortimer 

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