On the track with the Suzuki Rider Safety Day.

Last weekend, we went along to one of Suzuki South Africa’s Rider Safety Days at the Redstar race track out near Delmas. Despite the frigid breeze in the middle of winter, it was a solid turnout of riders on bikes of all shapes and sizes that turned up for the day.

All brands are welcome.

It’s all about making the ride safer. Entrants spend time in the classroom with experienced riders and instructors, who share knowledge and tips before you hit the track. 

Things like – which side of the lane to ride on when you are in the traffic. Where to look when you take a corner – along with the correct line to take. 

Can that car see you in the rear view mirror?

The classroom session is short, sweet, relative and informative.

Body language – things like, where your feet are when you corner, moving your bum around and such stuff.

Road conditions, target fixation, where to look, defensive riding. Riding in a group? Distances and rider etiquette – all basic stuff that people tend to forget or ignore.

Speed limits – especially in urban areas, braking times and how your bike will react.

In todays world of interesting road users, it all makes perfect sense – and in our opinion, every rider should head along – even if you’ve been riding for years you’ll learn something. Guaranteed.

Instructors ride with the participants in every class.
All in Yellow Suzuki shirts.

It’s only about a half hour in the classrooms and then it’s a full day out on the track.

Riders are split into 3 groups according to their rider ability.

B is for the more experienced riders – D is for newcomers and slower riders.

Each class has instructors that keep the pace reasonable and show riders the correct lines in a safe, controlled environment.

It’s great!

Once again – it’s something you really should do.

Braking demonstration. 

Here’s something interesting relative to speeds, position on the road and following distances.

Suzuki took a Spresso car and a Hayabusa.

Ran them next to each other – first to 60 – and slammed on brakes. 

The Spresso stopped 5m before the ‘Busa.

At 100, there was an even bigger gap.

What does this tell you? 

If you are traveling behind a car and the car hits brakes… it will stop before you can and you’ll crash – so don’t tailgate! A bike can generally not out brake a car.

And that’s just one of the lessons for the day.

The braking demo. Spresso 1. Busa 0.


The course costs a paltry R300 for the day, includes lunch and R100 is donated to a charity – in this instance it went towards the CMA rider to the sun community..

Suzuki runs days like this fairly regularly, the next one will be on the 19th November 2023. Details are up on the Redstar Raceway site:


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