Spanjaard Extreme Kleen

Spanjaard Extreme Kleen. Keeping stuff shiny

Spanjaard. Chain Wax. Chain Lube. Air Filter Oil Spray. Brake, Clutch and Chain Cleaner. Synthetic Fork Oil. Fork oil. Carb Cleaner.

The guys from Spanjaard asked us to please try out their Extreme Kleen product on motorbike stuff. They dropped some off and then literally bothered us for our opinion on a daily basis.

Like all good things, we took our time and tried it on – well everything. Only then did we put pen to paper.

As a general cleaner and degreaser, this stuff is hard to beat.

Our big fear is that any chemical leaves marks on motorcycles, especially on the aluminium bits. Spanjaard assured us that its safe to use on everything. So we sprayed a couple of bikes down, wiped the bugs and debris off and then rinsed.

It all worked really well – even on the seats, wheels and tyres.

Extreme Kleen
Wheels - no problem.
Spanjaard Extreme Kleen
Plastics, all shiny.

Parts: We took a really greasy fuel injector system for a GS650 that is awaiting resuscitation in our garage. We sprayed it down and had a go at it with a toothbrush. Shiny and new without much elbow grease at all…  We then cleaned our hands afterwards with the same stuff.

It works beautifully.

Spanjaard Extreme Kleen
Spray on...
Spanjaard Extreme Kleen
Mom's best toothbrush..
Spanjaard Extreme Kleen
All shiny again...

Fabrics: We sprayed the Extreme Kleen onto a badly stained old tee shirt. Let it settle in and then put it through the wash.

It Came out all shiny again. In fact one of the kids was actually spotted using the stuff on his riding boots. (True Story – kids doing manual labour).

Those came out looking all bling too. 

Spanjaard Extreme Kleen
Stains in clothing? Spray or soak in a solution and through the washing machine...

The finale was when we found a really vrot old plastic mug that has been used for holding nuts and bolts in the garage for about 5 years. It was/ is properly stained and fairly disgusting. Normal dishwashing liquid had no impact. We sprayed this stuff into it, hit it with a pot scourer, let it stand and, well we wont serve you coffee in it, but its certainly useable again.

Extreme Kleen
It left the screen bug free and lekker lekker.

Extreme Kleen is good stuff. Perfect for home and garage application – everything from your riding gear, to your bike and then scrubbing the braai or potjie pot. 

Available at most good retailers.

Distributed by Autocycle centre.

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