Suzuki’s little Samurai: The GIXXER 250.

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A lot of smaller road bikes seem to be crossing our paths lately. When Suzuki offered us their Gixxer 250 to ride, we kept it for a week…

Gixxer or GSXR, iconic letters for any Suzuki fan. They really do have it waxed in terms of hooking the riders from when they are young. There’s the 150 lineup and 250 – faired and naked… and hopefully riders move up through the ranks.

Brand new, the bike was  off-loaded at the office. When we returned it a few days later, it had almost 500 KM on the clock. Once again, we gave it to the younger guy in the office to enjoy and sent Deon on his merry way… 

He says: Gearing up, I jumped on the GIXXER and went out for the day to go hunt for stories and call on clients. I was quite chuffed with the fact that I was the very first person to actually get to ride this bike. The Suzuki ‘Easy Start System’ kicked the bike to life in no time at all. The clutch popped it into first gear and pulled off as smooth as silk. Before I even got out of the gates I was enjoying my day out. 

For a 250cc this bike is quick on the acceleration. The 249cc oil-cooled engine produces 26.5 PS of power at 9300 RPM and 22.2 Nm of torque at 7300 RPM. She loves to be ridden in the midrange. Joining the traffic is no problem at all. Matching the speed to flow with the traffic comes very easily and when you need to get up to speed it only takes a little twist of the throttle and the power is right there.  It’s got six gears with sixth more of an economy gear.

From first to fifth it’s a little grin stretcher, and with a grown man in the saddle, a top speed of 145 KPH…. on a downhill was achieved. She runs happily at 120 all day long, but the way she gets there is what makes this one so lekker! And it’s freeway legal!

Economy?  We got 276 Kilometres on just over 10 litres.  Oh ya! The fuel price is up again… a bike like this makes so much commuting sense!

Fit and finish? Typical Suzuki. Good and solid with decent suspension and brakes. And damn sexy to boot. The digital display is also pretty cool and tells you all you need to know.

For what we do calling on customers all over GP, it’s a great bike. 

Quick on her wheels, fast enough for freeway use, small enough to filter through the traffic and most importantly, comfortable for those longer days out.

LED Lighting. Too cool!
The Digital Display

Would we ride it on a breakfast run? 

For sure! The last time we rode one, we did almost 300 KM’s in one sitting and had a great time! Sure, there’s no replacement for displacement, but as small bikes go, this is one of the kings of lekker! And for those days that you can’t ride your ‘Busa or 1000, you won’t be disappointed.

Go on! Ride one.

We bet that you’ll agree with us.

R54 250.00

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