SYM Orbit 150 Scooter

SYM commercial motorcycle

The SYM Orbit 2 is the latest model from Taiwanese manufacturer SYM. It comes with a new, faster and more torquey 150cc engine. Same cool stylish look just with just a bit more oomph.

This brand new bike is arriving as we speak and will be at dealers within a couple of weeks.

We collected the new SYM Orbit 2 from SYM SA and took it for a bit of a whirl to see what it is all about and how much of a difference the bigger engine makes. It also became the ‘hero of the day’, a little later in the story.

For such an easy and simple scooter, it brings a lot of joy. The fuel consumption is next to nothing. When we loaded the scooter at SYM SA it had a full tank of petrol and only 9 km on the clock. We rode like “gentlemen” and got 87 km’s before topping up the tank and it hadn’t even hit reserve yet. This all from a 5.2L tank.

Easy-to-read Dashboard
The kickstarter is handy
Underseat storage

The dashboard is a standard digital unit and gives you exactly what you need to know. Fuel gauge, speedometer, indicator signals which are very loud so won’t forget to put them off, and hi-beam light – simple and efficient.

The Orbit has an electric starter and it also has a kick starter back up. A funky blacked out windscreen that gives that slight bit of wind protection but is more for casting a shadow over the dash display to make it easier to read on sunny days. The seat has very neat red stitching and can be opened two ways: one, by turning the key to the left on the ignition or if the ignition is already on the seat can be opened on the light switch. 

The boot can take up to 10kg of weight and has an immobiliser switch inside for extra security. It’s juuuust not big enough to fit a helmet. 

The scoot has two front luggage hooks that take 3 kg each or you can add another 10kg’s to the luggage rack.

Efficient drive system. Easy access air filter.
Twin pot front disc brakes.

The Orbit sports 5 spoke aluminium mag wheels with the rear wheel with the  motor acting a single swing arm.

It has a single front disc brake system on a 120/70-12 wheel and the rear 130/70-12 rear wheel comes with an easy adjusting rear brake drum. 

A long rear mud guard will make sure that you and your passenger stay clean on those rainy days. A dust cover hangs from under the trunk to keep road dirt off the engine for longer, simple – but clever. 

Access to the air filter is simple and it takes the loosening of only four bolts to remove the whole boot for more than enough space to give the Orbit 2 a proper service when you need to. You also have a choice of four colours white, grey, red or black.

Beat the streets. Beat the traffic.

Now read this to the tune of Airwolf… 

Saturday late morning and Deon realises that he needs brake pads for his bike… Quick call. Call ends at 11:31 and the spares shop closes at 11:45. 

Only one answer for this problem. 

The SYM Orbit 2!  Pull the scooter out of the workshop. check!

Dash off for a helmet and gloves. Check!

Hit the road at around 11:35. 

Zoom towards our destination, Game Services, 13km’s away.

The Orbit might not be the fastest thing on two wheels, but navigating between traffic is natural and so easy. 

Dodge the pothole. Check!

Time the traffic light perfectly… oh hang on… load shedding.

Destination in sight he opened her up and… a very poorly painted speed hump appeared out of nowhere… Oops!

Too late to slam on the brakes, he rode the hump like a professional Jockey. The suspension just soaked it all up like a cold drink on a warm summer’s day. 

He came to a sudden halt at the doors where our mission ended at 11:48…

Just three minutes late. 


But all was not in vain, he still managed to get what he needed. 

The mission was a huge success all thanks to the Orbit 2.

All in all a fantastic little scooter. 95KPH tops. Easy through the traffic. Great brakes. Comfortable. 


What more do you need?

Well – a bike in your life for starters!


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