The Toy Run 2022

Forty years for any event is a huge milestone and this year the organisers really put on a great show.

Founded in 1982 by the Italian Motorcycle Owners Club (IMOC), The Motorcycle Toy Run Gauteng has hosted an annual mass ride gathering each year (even in 2020/21 with all Covid-19 safety measures in place, whilst the mass ride was banned they still collected toys for distribution).
This year the ride started from 4 venues in the North, East, South & West of Johannesburg and convened at Benoni Northerns on the East Rand.

We went along to start in Irene and joined the fun.

Epic. There is no other word to describe the feeling and thousands of like minded people gather for such a cool cause. Bikes and quads of all shapes and sized were bedecked in Christmas decorations and toys that hung onto and out of every conceivable spot on the bikes.

It’s all about the mass ride – and the GP constabulary and the hundreds of volunteers have to be commended for doing such a great job of holding motorists at bay and clearing the roads and freeways for the bikes, collecting the goods and keeping it all running so smoothly!
The arrival at Benoni Northerns is always so cool – residents were out and about with their deck chairs and bakkies to watch the fun as a seemingly endless procession of bikes roared in to deliver the booty.

And then – its time to chill, take on some bench racing and hook up with friends that have not been seen for a long time. Enjoy a pancake or two and wander around the flea market all in tune to the live music on the massive stage.

What a cool day, what a really lekker event on the SA motorcycle calendar.

You can have a look at the vid we shot of the GP run on the motomedia You tube Channel.
Who knows?

You might just be featured.

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