Cancervive Flagship . A great motorcycle initiative.

We bet that you know of someone who has been touched by cancer.


Well heres a really cool bunch of people who do really cool things to make life a little bit better for anyone affected.

Pics courtesy of Cancervive.


We’ve been watching this ride for a few years now, and threatening to feature it because it’s the kind of thing that we really like to see. 

Now that Suzuki has partnered with Cancervive, someone finally popped in to give us the skinny. 

What is it?

Cancervive is run by a group of passionate people who have been touched by cancer – either as a survivor or as a person who has experienced someone undergoing the struggle.

This is a phenomenal family. They spend time in the trenches, in the community, raising awareness about the condition. It’s not a curse, it sees no age, colour or gender. 


Their job is to give hope. 

Survivors and supporters talking to communities and patients.

This was their annual Flagship Ride.

7 days. 16 motorcyclists. 8 Suzuki vehicles. 18 Cancervivors. 600 kilometres traveled. 

More than 8000 people up close and personal on just this trip.

How’s that for cool?

This is just one of their initiatives. 

To join the Flagship Ride, participants had to register with Cancervive in order to meet the criteria. You join a family, it’s ongoing, not just a once off. 


Each Cancerviver or supporter raises funds for the organization in order to participate in this event.

The riders take personal time to participate and engage with the community along the route. 


Suzuki South Africa partnered with them with motorcycles and support vehicles for the first time this year and they undertook a ride of some note…

Lined up and ready too roll the message out.

16 passionate riders met in Cape Town at the lagoon Beach hotel and undertook a 600 KM loop all around the Western Cape. 

Riders using their passion and lifestyle to make a difference.

You need a motorcycle in your life!

Rolling into a school hall to meet and chat with the community.

But it’s not just a ride.


Each day they visited schools and communities all along the way. Hospitals, farms, function halls and all sorts where the team gave motivational talks to the communities and a bit of comfort to patients.

“Seeing this team talking to patients in the oncology ward at Groote Schuur hospital in Cape Town, was like rays of sunshine penetrating the gloom. It was amazing!” Kyle Lawrenson

 While they did this – they spread the message that the illness does not mean the end of things. They talked about early prevention, tried to expel some of the myths around cancer – which is the most critical part of fighting this scourge.

“We were privileged to be able to make some patients smile by popping them onto the back of the bike for a little ride. A break from hospital and treatment. Just the smiles made everything so worthwhile!”

So – yes, we have superheroes in Moto GP, MX, Hard Enduro and all sorts, but this is a different kind of hero.

Just everyday motorcyclists who do this out of passion and change lives.

The event culminated with a bike safety course for everyone who took part.

Nice one!

The pics tell the story. 

How do you get involved?

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