Midland BTX2 Pro S LR Single RRP-R4,995.00

New from DMD are these really good motorcycle helmet communications systems. We are in the process of reviewing them over the next few months, but what we can tell you so far is that we have had very little to complain about. They were extremely easy to fit to our helmets, one Arai and one Shoei and took very little time for us to learn the basic operations. We have struggled with one or two of the more advanced functions a bit, but that is down to operator error and not RTFM’ing. As with just about every single comms systems we have ever tried on the market they all have a hard time seeing through buildings and mountains and you get a bit of static or lose comms altogether, but with line of site your mates could be 40 cars back in traffic and it sounds like they are riding pillion and whispering in your ear when they chat over the intercom. Standby battery life does seem exceptionally good as does talk time battery life – but that is one of the things we will be testing over the next few months. Vocal clarity is excellent both over the telephone and intercom. Wind and ambient noise cancellation is extremely good in all regards, the speakers have a decent base and don’t sound tinny when talking or listening to music. We have only had them on for a few short rides and due to longer rides to really test their quality, how long the battery lasts, long distance connectivity and how comfortable they are on your ears, head shapes and helmet shapes do contribute a huge amount to that as well. Watch this space for a more in-depth review coming soon. In the meantime, here is a bit of a blurb from their website to tell you more about the product.

Midland intercoms offer motorcyclists the highest performance of pilot-to-passenger communication as well as between riders while traveling in groups. They are made with the best Bluetooth and Mesh technologies they could find, equipped with a unique Made in Italy design. BTX2 Pro S LR is the first mid-range intercom with Bluetooth 4.2 dual chipset technology: 8 people (4 bikes), with driver and passenger in Conference mode, up to 6 people in One-to-One mode. All in Full Duplex mode, with digital quality and DSP noise suppression system and AGC for automatic volume control based on background noise (deactivated and adjustable). The range of BTX2 Pro S LR (without the aid of apps), is 1.6 Km. Talk on the intercom and listen simultaneously to GPS directions or your favourite stereo music in the background. You can also share music and GPS with your interlocutor (including bike to bike). Update BTX2 Pro S LR via the BTUPdater software by connecting it via Micro-USB socket to your PC (Windows or Mac) and customize it with BT Pro SetApp from your smartphone (iOS and Android). Midland BTX2 Pro S LR is equipped with 2 Universal Intercom connections for pairing with intercoms from other brands, music share, FM radio with RDS, 6 storable stations, status voice messages, vox, possibility to connect 2 smartphones.

All indications so far are that DMD are onto a winner here and they have a model range to suit every requirement and budget, for more information or to find your closest stockist follow this link: https://www.dmd.co.za/product-category/helmets/communication-systems/ 

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