South African Short Circuit Series Round 4 Polokwane

WORDS & PICS: Deon VDL & Jen Venter

The racers and the fans always look forward to the rounds at Polokwane. For everyone knows it is all fun from start to end and with great racing all day long. Once again we were not disappointed as we got to see some amazing battles between riders and family and friends having an awesome time.

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The kids were up first to get the fans going. The PW50’s got released onto track for qualifying. In the Pw50 class it was yet again #550 Marnitz Otten to take pole position and then #52 Declan Schoeman. It was #100 Tanner Osthuizen who took 1st in the Novice class #27 Luke Oosthuizen in 2nd #143 Tsebo Mafokate in 3rd and #11 zander du Toit in 4th. The kids took off as soon as the flag dropped for their first heat and the race was on. Little Otten powered his way around the short section of the track to take the overall win for his class with Declan Schoeman 2nd. Tanner Oosthuizen had a great day as we witnessed him go faster and get better once again crossing the line to take 1st place in the Novice class Luke Oosthuizen 2nd, Zander du Toit 3rd and Tsebo Mafokate 4th.

SM2 class came out next and the riders took things seriously from the start of qualifying as the top 6 riders crossed within a second. It was #57 Diego de Ponte who took pole , #41 Wian Erasmus and #43 Quinton van Wyk made up the front row. Some close and nail-biting action followed as they stormed off the line. Diego de Ponte and the Weterman twins battled it out in front while we had a battle just behind them between Wian Erasmus, Quinton van Wyk, Troy Tonking and Conrad Nieuwoudt. #30 Ruben Weterman crossed the line to take the overall win #31 Luan Weterman 2nd and #57 Diego de Ponte 3rd.

SM Masters, Grand Masters and Clubmans head out for their qualifying and the front row of the grid we had #27 Theo Oosthuizen, #43 Quinton van Wyk and #41 Wian Erasmus. Theo Oosthuizen was relentless as he steamed to a clear 1st place in the Masters class Quinton van Wyk 2nd and #258 Vaughn Brokhorst 3rd. Wian Erasmus won the Grand Masters and #17 Tom Maritz taking 2nd. #21 Conrad Nieuwhoudt took top spot for the Clubmans #96 Sabastiano D’Arrigo had to fight tooth and nail for 2nd with #21x Arno Erasmus on his tail in 3rd.

SM Junior 85cc class had #99 Adam Naidoo took pole that saw him dominate the day to also take 1st overall with #77 Mueez Jassat pushing hard and taking 2nd. The 65cc class we got really entertained by an epic battle throughout the day. #101 Keaton de Jager was too fast for the rest of the pack as he made sure to take the top step on the podium at the end of the day. A four-way battle for 2nd place got very intense as the fans jumped up and down cheering them on, #711 Tristan Swart fought his way to 2nd, #44 Daniyal Jassat 3rd, #40 Lorenzo de Ponte 4th and #110 Bohlale Mafokate 5th.

By the noise there was no mistaking that the 150 Cup was next as they roared out to go qualify. Overall it was #6 Clinton Seller took pole with a very good time of 46.993 seconds followed by #22 Cayden Robert 2nd and #21 Arno Erasmus filling the front row. Flying through the circuit these guys gave all they had pushing their 150cc engines to the max. Cayden Robert pushed the hardest in the 150 Cup to take a clean overall 1st place as well as R5000,  #21 Arno Erasmus gave everything as he and #52 Troy Tonking both finished with 49 points. The 150 Senior class with R10 000 up for grabs saw none of these riders giving any quarter, #171 Taigh Janse van Rensburg got to walk away with the win and the prize money. #6 Clinton Seller took 2nd place and #33 Aston Nesbitt followed in 3rd.

SM Junior 50cc had the track next so they could display their skills to the fans. These youngsters attacked with pure passion and speed as #26 Ethan de Freitas stood in front on the grid followed very close by #1 Keaton de Jager and #14 Quandre Potgieter in 3rd. Once again we saw Keaton de Jager, Ethan de Freitas and Blake Robert slug it out for the top spot. #1 de Jager made his way to the top with #26 de Freitas taking 2nd and #22 Robert in 3rd.

SM1 and SM1s had the fans on the edge of their seats with some impressive racing and mind-boggling speed as they slipped and slid their way through qualifying. The front row  with only 0.427 seconds difference was #33 Aston Nesbitt 1st, #13 Ryan van Nieuwkerk 2nd and #171 Taigh Janse van Rensburg 3rd. We all were absolutely pleased with the performance put forth by these talented riders. Aston Nesbitt stole the show when he crossed the finish line to take 1st place in the SM1 class. Ryan van Nieuwkerk, nipping at his heels, walked away with 2nd and Taigh Janse van Rensburg 3rd. #18 Hunter Dreyer and # 27 Theo Oosthuizen fighting hard to be the one to stand on top of the podium. Hunter Dreyer clawed his way to take that honour followed closely by Oosthuizen in 2nd.

After a great day of racing and an amazing race experience given to us by the SASCS team and sponsors we look forward to seeing what Round 5 will bring. So see you all at the next round at Vereeniging on the 29th of July. 

Until then take care and stay safe.

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