Spanjaard Brake, clutch and chain cleaner – 400ml aerosol

Squeaky brakes have to be the motorcycle equivalent of finger nails on the chalk board, not only because of the noise but you also know you have reduced braking performance and requires stupid amounts of effort to clean… or does it. Spanjaard Brake, Clutch and Chain Cleaner is a heavy-duty specialised cleaning spray for use on both drum and disc brakes as well as on brake cables, rotors, chains and disc pad/drum lining surfaces. And YES, before you ask, it can also be used on your bakkie or car. 

It takes just a few minutes to remove brake pad dust, grease and brake fluid deposits, reducing brake squeal and improving braking performance. It is fast drying, leaving no residue and can be used to clean and degrease most metal, glass and ceramic surfaces safely as it contains no surface-active agents or soaps. 

Application is easy as well just remove the wheel to expose the brake system, spray on liberal amounts onto cold brake part surface, (don’t forget to put a bowl underneath it to collect the run off solvent and dirt for proper disposal and to make sure your better half doesn’t growl at you about the mark on the dirty driveway), and then allow to dry completely before reassembling the whole lot.

Just a word of caution, always check the compatibility of this product with the plastic and rubber if using in non-braking applications, also do not use on painted areas and wash off any over spray immediately. Remember, this is a flammable product so don’t ne dof and light ciggy with this stuff on your hands or play silly bugger near naked flames or any sparks. This, as is the norm with aerosols, is a pressurised container. Also keep it under 50° Celsius, so don’t store it under your seat near your exhaust pipe and leave it in the sun on a hot summer’s day – you’re liable to blow your knackers off if you do. Rather keep it on the top shelf in your garage where your laaities can’t get to it, you know what mischief you got up to when you were young and dumb. 

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