Retro livery for Kawasaki ZX10’s

“Retro” seems to be all the rage at the moment with everybody bringing out some sort of nostalgic design or the other, but we do think this is the coolest that we have seen in a long time. It would be very lekker if we got these in South Africa, sadly they are currently only available in the UK as limited editions with the designs harking back to the early 1990s ZXR750 and were apparently created to mark the 40th anniversary of the Ninja. The first GPZ900R Ninja made its first appearance back in 1984 and they captured our combined imaginations and were plakked all over our bedroom walls.

The initiative is a collaboration between Kawasaki UK and Kar Lee Design, who created the 3 variants inspired by colour schemes from the last forty years. They then asked their social media followers to vote for their favouritest favourite. Kawasaki UK then took the top three voted for designs by local paint specialist ‘SprayBay’ and made them a reality. Just 40 tribute ZX-10RRs will be available, each with anniversary plates on the top yokes, and a special anniversary logo. In addition to the unique colours, each bike also comes in Kawasaki’s ‘Performance Edition’ specification, meaning it’s equipped with an Akrapovic can, pillion seat cover, smoked screen and tank pad. 

In the words of The Beach Boys, “♬🎵🎶Wouldn’t it be nice….♬🎵🎶”, but sadly with an estimated price tag of somewhere in the mid ZAR600K it is very unlikely that we would ever see them gracing our country, but they are still pretty to look at and dream about.


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