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South African Built Custom GS

BMW Motorrad

Here’s a GS with a difference…

Seth Van Rooyen has customised a GS – and it’s waaaay different to anything that we’ve seen before. “But Why?” Is the question. Here are some of his answers…

Pics by the owner…

Custom GS
Just look at the detail in the leatherwork.

“I’ve honestly never been a big BMW fan, but at 50, I decided that my V-Max was a bit uncomfortable at 6 ft 4  and I settled on the GS for longer rides because it’s so damn comfortable.”

“I decided that I was going to Mad Max the thing – and that’s where this project started.”

Over time it all evolved.

Biking Viking, that’s the title that the love of my life has given me, so the bike follows that theme.

It’s still not complete, but this is the gist of what it’s going to be.

Rusty paint finish and even the boxes are covered...
Custom BMW GS
Even the beak got some treatment...

“I am not your typical Meerkat and I decided to do something that would draw way more attention than their bikes.”

In the vid that we picked up on one of the ADV groups we follow, the guy filming expresses his awe… If you take offence at F bombs turn down the volume…

I decided that I was going to Mad Max the thing – and that’s where this project started. 

Over time it all evolved.


Custom GS
Custom GS

All the paintwork, under the tanks, panniers, all the metal bits have been painted in a rust finish.

Then I started looking for mad-max leatherwork – and I actually found people who worked on the Mad Max movie doing leatherwork when it was filmed in SA.

They promised the world but eventually six months in, I gave up on them and started looking around.

I must have spoken to 8 or 9 upholsterers until eventually, I found Dion Korkie. That guy is a legend.

Custom GS
Just look at the work that went into this bike.

I shipped the bike up to him from CT, and sat with him for a few hours discussing ideas.

Then I left it with him and we worked remotely. 

I’ll say it again, the guy is a genius.

The logo’s on the tank and so-on pay tribute to my own tattoos, so it’s a pretty personal homage.

Paintwork by: Ruben Xavier.

Leatherwork by: Dion Korkie.

Thank you guys – and see you out there.


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