Spanjaard’s Motorcycle Tyre Fix.

Spanjaard’s Motorcycle Tyre Fix.

Most of us somewhere along the line have gotten stuck alongside the road after picking up a nail, hitting a pothole or any other object that left us with a punctured tyre.

There are a couple of options open to you at this point, if you’re in a car you could change the wheel or try and do a puncture repair with your tubeless repair kit and  compressor, (because – guaranteed you haven’t replaced your CO2 bombs), both require a lot of effort either in the hot sun or in the pouring rain. If you’re on a bike, your choices become a bit more limited, you either do the tubeless repair, if you have a kit and compressor with you – which is generally unlikely, alternately you call a friendly bakkie owner, sit on the side of the road getting lambasted by your very grumpy pillion or…. you could use Spanjaard’s Motorcycle Tyre Fix, which is a lot more convenient to and easier to carry with you than a bulky compressor and puncture repair kit. A quick solution to get you back on the road as soon as possible.

 Their 200ml Tyre Fix is enough to fix one of your bike’s tyres. As with most deflated wheels and the repair thereof, Tyre Fix won’t fix side-wall damage, rim leaks, large holes or faulty valves. The blurb on the can says it can also sort out tubed wheels, we haven’t had reason to test that feature yet, so we can neither confirm or refute that fact – carry a spare tube with you just in case.

 A great product to have handy in those unfortunate times. A few bottles of this would also be great for your car or bakkie.

Spanjaard’s Motorcycle Tyre Fix.
Small enought to fit in any bike.

Directions for use:

  1. Remove object causing puncture and deflate the tyre completely.
  2. Shake well. If the can is cold, warm it in your hands for at least 2 minutes.
  3. Screw connector tube firmly onto tyre valve.
  4. Break the protective tab, hold the can upright and depress the actuator until the can is empty. Disconnect from the tyre valve. At this stage the tyre may not be fully inflated, which is normal. Ride off immediately, continue for a few kilometres to effect a puncture seal. Stop, check and correct tyre pressure as soon as possible.


Travel at reduced speed, (not more than 80km/h,) and have puncture repaired as soon as possible. This is not a permanent repair, but rather a temporary repair to “Get me home” or to the nearest repairer solution and keep your pillion smiling.

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