A visit to Harley-Davidson Mzansi.

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Guys and Girls

Listen nicely. If you have any interest in American iron, then this is one spot that you need to go and visit.

Fact is – this is the Southern hemispheres (Yes, read that again) premium Harley Davidson dealership. Yup, it beats anything that the ‘Stralians or South Americans have to offer. It is built and designed to the very latest Harley Davidson specifications and it is, quite frankly, SPECTACULAR.

And it starts as you arrive and wander through the gleaming doors, a sea of chrome and custom paint greets you. Within seconds, Thuli greets you with a huge smile and a very sunny disposition which gets you grinning and then you are handed a steaming cup of coffee, really, really decent as well. Best you wear comfortable shoes, because the shop is massive. Take a Short Left and start browsing. Baggers, cruisers, Sporties, trikes all gleaming away looking for a spot in your garage.

A smorgasbord of American Iron accessories and rider gear.

These are all liberally interspersed with a variety of other brands, these guys trade just about anything, as long as it is in good nick. The colour wall is a great innovation. It holds tank panels all in standard Harley colours so that you can decide exactly what you’d like on your machine. Beats browsing a catalogue..


Drop down into the accessory department, JUST – WOW!! Who doesn’t like a screaming eagle tee shirt? It’s all genuine Harley gear, a lifestyle department that will kit you out from top to bottom.

“Come and see our workshop”, says Muazz, so we did… wandering past the parts counter and into where it all happens. It’s amazing! A giant man-cave. Thoroughly modern with pneumatic and hydraulic tools and fittings, neat as a pin with bikes lined up for some Harley love. We wander out past the wash bay and there’s Thumelo blow drying a bike. Yup! You read that correctly, that stops water spots from gathering. Just some extra TLC.

What else? It really is an immersive American Iron experience, with friendly people to advise and show you around, an in-house finance and insurance department, bikes available for rent and…. oh yes! Did we mention the coffee?


3 Sunrise Boulevard. Lonehill. Sandton.

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