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SA’s favourite tool brand pays it forward: Rhisotope protects endangered rhinoceros.

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Courtesy of Motorsource:

The Rhisotope Project uses a variety of security technologies in an effort to protect and conserve rhinos against game poachers slaughtering them for their horns.

“Tork Craft is beyond excited to support this groundbreaking partnership with Wits University in the fight against rhino poaching,” Vermont Sales marketing director Ryan Hunt confirmed. 

“The innovative Rhisotope Project uses high tech nuclear and data tracking technology to protect these magnificent creatures from the ravages of poaching. Tork Craft’s involvement underscores the vital role that industry partnerships play in conservation by providing the tools necessary for this innovative solution.”

The Rhisotope project uses two radical technologies to protect the rhinoceros. Non-toxic low-dose stable cobalt radioisotopes are firstly introduced into rhino horns. This material is safe for both animals and humans, yet will trigger airport and harbour radiation scanners and help combat the illegal trade of rhino horn. 

If ingested however, the radioisotopes could prove fatal to anyone who eats them. So don’t poach.

Each rhino horn is then sprayed with Data Dot technology. This security measure commonly applied to cars, electronics and other stealable items, allows their parts to be traced after they are recovered. The microdots bear a code to enable whatever they are applied to, to be traced. 

Tork Craft has supplied all the tools necessary for the Rhisotope Project team to carry out its invaluable work. 

“We thank Tork Craft for its unstinting support,” the team wrote on Without such help this would be nigh impossible to do. Great tools and great people to work with.”

“We’re paving the way for a future where rhinos and other endangered species can thrive,” Ryan Hunt concludes. “Together, we are making a difference!”

Nice one! Just another reason that we should all support this brand!

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