Primrose Motorcycles

55 years of Primrose Motorcycles

Primrose Motorcycles

In 1969, Primrose Motorcycles opened their doors “Up the hill”, in Primrose, Germiston. This is a proper milestone.  “Chicco” Gasparini was a motorcycle mechanic in Italy and he also used to race in the Alps. After WW2, he made his way to SA and got a job at a motorcycle dealership in JHB.  He found and married a girl and with his brother in law Tony Liberatore, opened Primrose motorcycles.

The founders of the store way back when magazines were still black and white.

This passion quickly became a lifestyle for their children, who are avid motorcyclists today and who continue the legend of the family business.

Marco shouts across to Luigi to check that he got it all right… And much debate erupts, waving of hands and the kind of Italian flair that makes a dealership like this unique.

Primrose Motorcycles
The kids grew up in the shop. 1969 Marco, Luigi, Claudio and Dana at bottom.

This is a historic store that has dealt with so many brands over the years. In 1973 they signed up with Charlie Young and sold Yamaha for almost 30 years.

Primrose Motorcycles
Tony in middle with the founder of Yamaha S.A on right Charlie Young. Bruce Johnson on left.

BMW, Ducati and  Honda were all looked after at some point. In 1982, they signed with Suzuki. In ‘97, they took on Kawasaki.

Primrose Motorcycles
L: The last Kawasaki H2R sold in S.A in 2019. R900k. R: Chicco with Sinny Tiprou Suzuki S.A mid 1990's.

In between all of this, they imported many Italian brands, like Husqvarna and MV Augusta.

Primrose Motorcycles
MV Agusta launch 1999 at Stywelyne. Harties.
Primrose Motorcycles
Husqvarna race team 2008. They ran the Husky race team from 2000 until 2011.

When those brands were swallowed up by corporates, they focussed on Kawasaki, Kayo, Sym and Suzuki.

They have a fleet of rental bikes – so if you come to SA to visit and need a bike, they will get you sorted. They even have a little bike that you can use to do your motorcycle licence.

Very handy!

Parts, accessories and a reputable workshop (We know that they look after some very rare and valuable classic bikes for collectors).

“The Liberatore and Gasparini families, together with their team of staff members, would like to thank all our loyal customers for the past 55 years and aim to continue our relationships and service to the motorcycling community, nationwide.”  

The shop really is a great piece of South african motorcycle history.

Heres to the next 55 years of motorcycle love.

Primrose Motorcycles
When the shop first opened way back when...
Early 1980's 50cc breakfast run on a Sunday. 143 bikes... Imagine!


And pop in for a coffee and have a look at some of the historic bikes on the floor.

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